10 Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer Burbank

Are you tired and stressed with the pain and grief of an accident?
Do you wonder how to file a personal injury lawsuit to claim your rightful compensation from the insurance company?
If yes, it’s not something you should worry about. You can leave all of that to a personal injury lawyer Burbank. They will represent your case while you recuperate.
However, with so many attorneys around, these questions may help you select the right person.

1. Have You Tried Similar Personal Injury Cases Before?

Find out if the attorney has handled similar cases before. Also, find out your lawyer’s qualifications because some may not be qualified to handle your lawsuit.
There’s no point in hiring someone who’s an expert at slip-and-fall accidents when you were in a car accident.
Each lawyer is an expert in their specialty, and keep updated with the latest laws and regulations. The more updated they are with the legislation, the better are the chances of their winning your case.

2. How Much Time Will You Spend on My Case?

There is a chance of the attorney taking on multiple cases, and thus not be able to give your case much attention.
So ask the lawyer how much time they have for your case. And stress on the need and importance of their focusing on your case right away.

3. How Long Will You Need to Resolve Cases Like Mine?

Ask the attorney how much time they may need to resolve your case. They must work at resolving your case at the quickest.
While many factors influence their decision, they should be able to give you a rough estimate.

4. How Much Do You Charge?


Most Burbank personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. It means that you pay their fees only if they recover money damages in your lawsuit. They usually take between 24% and 40% of the amount you receive.

5. Am I Responsible for any Case-Related Expenses If I Lose?

Some personal injury attorneys charge additional case-related expenses with the contingency fee. Find out if you will have to bear these ‘out-of-pocket’ costs even for an unsuccessful personal injury lawsuit.

6. Who Will Be Handling My Case?

Some firms make their senior partners speak with potential clients, but send juniors to handle the case. To find out who at the firm will be handling your claim, and who you can keep in contact with about it.
Ask who will be supervising if a less experienced attorney handles your case.

7. What Do I Do in the Lawsuit?


Find out what your role is in the lawsuit before hiring your personal injury lawyer. Many people want to participate in the case by attending depositions and other meetings, but not all firms permit this.
Then again, some people prefer leaving their lawyers to handle the case without their interference. To find out if you and your lawyer are on the same frequency here.

8. Can You Give Me Your Past Client’s Number?

Never rely on just website copy and promotional materials to learn about the lawyer’s competency. The best way to find out more about your lawyer is through a past client. So don’t hesitate to ask them for references.
Most will share the contact information of at least one satisfied past client.

9. Will My Case Go to Trial, and If Yes, What’s Your Trial Success Rate?

Be careful of lawyers who expect a quick resolution for your case.
Personal injury lawyers should expect all cases to go to trial, and accordingly prepare for it. They can negotiate better with the defendant if ready, and armed with the most evidence.
Preparedness also increases the chance of a fair settlement. That’s why you should be sure your personal injury lawyer Burbank has won cases before a jury before.

10. How Much Is My Case Worth?

A competent personal injury attorney should be able to give an estimate of your case worth. They should explain the different factors that determine the value like discovery, pre-existing medical conditions, and liability.
Be careful of attorneys who give unrealistic estimates, and use your gut instinct to evaluate their claims.
Selecting the right personal injury lawyer Burbank isn’t something to be done at the spur of the moment. You have to choose a few prospective attorneys and ask them these ten questions. The lawyer who gives you the most satisfactory answers will be the best to represent your case.

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