3 Questions Every Burbank Auto Accident Victim Should Ask

auto accident

Were you involved in a car accident? Do you wonder if you should pursue an auto accident case? If yes, asking yourself these questions can help clarify your doubts and help you decide.
It’s human nature to blame someone else for an accident. According to you, the other person is to blame, which makes them legally liable to pay for your damages.
However, just assuming things isn’t enough.
You need to be sure that you have legal grounds for an auto accident claim. There is no point in wasting time pursuing a case which you are least likely to win. The best way to do this is by asking you these three questions.

1. Was the Accident a Consequence of Their Negligence?

You can hold someone else liable for the accident only if you can prove that the accident occurred because of their negligence. A driver is considered negligent in a car accident if their failure to follow road rules leads to an accident.
For example, drunk driving is against the law. However, if the driver was intoxicated while driving, the accident resulted from their negligence.
In this case, you can make an auto accident claim.

2. Do You Have Proof That the Accident Caused Your Injury?

auto accident

You may assume that this is obvious. However, the defendant will always claim that your injuries were not a consequence of the accident. They may argue that it was a pre-existing condition. Some may even state that you were faking the injury.
That’s the reason you need to visit a doctor immediately after the accident. They will help provide the necessary proof that the injuries were a result of the accident. Their diagnosis is the evidence you are looking for as proof. Many people make the mistake of not visiting the doctor, especially if there are no visible bruises or scars.
Some car accident injuries like whiplash aren’t evident immediately after the car wreck. However, if left untreated, it can lead to debilitating pain, including neck and back pain. The defendant can easily argue that the neck pain you are suffering from is not because of the accident but was a pre-existing condition.

3. What Is the Extent of Damages Incurred?

This is the last question to ask yourself is how much damage you have suffered from. It helps you decide if it’s worth pursuing an auto accident case or not.
Sometimes it’s not worth pursuing a claim if you had suffered from a minor injury that didn’t cost much to treat. Suppose you had suffered from a significant injury resulting in large medical bills, the inability to work for some time, and considerable trauma.
In that case, it’s worth filing a claim.

Contact Your Burbank Auto Accident Lawyer


Your auto accident attorney is the best person to guide you with your claim. They will look at your case to ascertain if you have the legal grounds to make an auto accident claim.
There’s no need to worry about consultation fees too.

Consequently, most auto accident lawyers in Burbank offer a free initial consultation. It’s for you to determine if you are happy with the lawyer and for them to examine your case.
If the case warrants a claim, let your attorney handle the legal process while you take the time to recuperate from your car wreck injuries.

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