4 Reasons Why your Burbank Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Accept your Case


Did you know that personal injury lawyers turn down more cases than they accept? And surprisingly, it happens even though there are so many lawyers practically begging for cases.
It is indeed frustrating to get turned down as a potential client.
However, it’s not something that a person should take personally. It’s because each case a Burbank personal injury attorney accepts is like an investment for them.
They have to spend money to bring your case. It is because, like most personal injury lawyers, they collect payment from the client only if they win the case. So it’s no point in spending money on a case they know they won’t be able to win.
In short, lawyers turn down cases when they feel it is not a good investment. Read on if you want to find out 4 reasons why and when your lawsuit may not be an excellent investment to lawyers and not be accepted.

1. No Serious Injury

A less severe injury is the most common reason for lawyers to reject a case.
It’s because a case largely depends on the nature and extent of the injury. More severe injuries make the case more worthy of a fight. Sometimes even having a valid negligence case against the defendant isn’t worth much if you have minor injuries.
For example, lawyers won’t invest $7,000 in your case if your case is worth only $13,000 based on your injuries.

2. The Case Has Passed the Statute of Limitations

The expiry of the statute of limitations on your claim is another common reason for rejecting your case.
All states have a statute of limitations for filing civil lawsuits. The filing of the case should usually be within 2-5 years.
So you end up legally barred from suing if you don’t file the suit by your state’s deadline.

3. The Defendant Has No Money

no money

Sometimes you may have severe injuries and a clear defendant with legal liabilities. But unfortunately, no personal injury attorney accepts your case.
Well, it’s because the case is a bad investment for the attorney if the defendant doesn’t have the money to pay their legal compensation.
Many people don’t understand why they do this. Especially because they assume the court will pay them the judgment amount upon winning a case.
However, what they do not know is that the judgment is just a court piece of paper.
It is not a cheque for the number of legal compensations. It just states that the defendant owes you a certain sum of money. The court does not do anything to ensure the defendant pays you the money.
It means that if the defendant has no money or assets, the legal compensation you are entitled to receive is uncollectable, and thus worthless.
A Burbank personal injury lawyer will naturally not accept the case. They will only end up spending money to bring the case, but won’t receive any compensation.

4. Difficult to Prove Fault

personal injury

Sometimes even cases with serious physical injuries aren’t of much value if there’s no liable defender for the injuries. Just consider that you have tripped on your shoelace outside a store and have gotten seriously injured. And you want to file a case against the store owner.
However, you will be surprised to learn that most lawyers will reject your case.
It’s because they feel and know that there is no one to hold liable for your injury. The store may have to maintain a safety protocol when you are indoors. However, they are not responsible for damages caused by your negligence.
You can now avoid the 4 reasons your Burbank personal injury lawyer may give, and avoid a rejection while filing a lawsuit.

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