5 Distracted Driving Myths that Aren’t True


Distracted driving is risky and may lead to disastrous accidents.

The thing is that many drivers don’t take distracted driving risks seriously because of some common misconceptions about it. And you may also engage in distracted driving because you think some of these myths are true.

Read this article to learn the common myths about distracted driving so you can avoid possible distractions while on the road.

Five Distracted Driving Misconceptions You Must Always Avoid

Myth #1

car accident

Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving are Rare Occurrences

The truth is that distracted driving causes more accidents than many drivers think.

In 2019 alone, accidents caused by distracted driving resulted in about 424,000 injuries and nearly 3,100 deaths. And one out of every five of these victims were walking or riding bicycles during the accident.

Thus, the best Burbank auto accident attorney reminds you to take distracted driving seriously to avoid devastating consequences.

Myth #2

Drunk Driving Is More Dangerous than Distracted Driving

drunk driving accident

Wrong. Distracted driving is equally or a lot more dangerous than drunk driving.

A car crash is, in fact, six times likelier to happen when driving while texting than drunk driving. Distracted driving removes your attention from the road, which is similar to the effects of drunk driving.

Myth #3

It’s Possible to Multitask while Driving

First, understand that multitasking is a myth because the human brain can only handle one task at a time. Multitasking, in actuality, involves quickly switching between two or more jobs and not doing multiple tasks simultaneously.

The problem is that switching from one task to another increases the chances of errors or mistakes. So, multitasking while driving increases the risk of accidents because you are distracted.

For example, using your cellphone while driving may lead to your missing a traffic light. This mistake can trigger a damaging collision with another crossing vehicle at the intersection.

Myth #4

Texting Only at a Red Light Is Safe

red light

Some drivers think that using cell phones at a stoplight is alright because they are stationary. However, it’s still crucial to remain attentive while waiting for the green light.

You could miss the traffic light or fail to notice other vehicles when using your device.

For example, a driver remains distracted for up to 27 seconds after using the voice texting feature, long enough for an accident to happen.

Besides, texting while operating a car is generally illegal in California and many other states. And you are considered to be driving your vehicle even while stopping under a red light.

Myth #5

Using a Hand-Free Device Is Not Distracted Driving
hand-free device

Many drivers believe that they are not distracted when using hand-free devices. The truth is that they will not be able to focus on driving because of the additional task entirely.

Drivers may experience inattentional blindness or the psychological phenomenon of not perceiving some things because of a lack of focus. Research suggests drivers lose 37% of their brain function from the driving task when listening to somebody speaking and are prone to mistakes.

For example, a driver in a conversation through a BlueTooth device may fail to notice a passing vehicle as they are busy in the conversation.

Connect with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Burbank for Any Road Accident Case


Distracted driving can cause devastating accidents that may harm you and others on the road. Thus, it’s better to pay attention while driving or stop if you need to use your phone.

However, accidents may still happen because you or other drivers were distracted on the road. Call a Burbank auto accident attorney to file a case immediately if this happens.

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