8 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Selecting a Burbank Auto Accident Lawyer

car accident

There’s no doubt about it.

It’s always better to have a Burbank auto accident lawyer by your side if you were involved in a car wreck. They know the ins and outs of auto accident claims, will represent you in court and help you receive your rightfully deserved compensation.

The problem, however, is that things aren’t that straightforward.

There are so many lawyers out there; you just don’t know who to select. Avoiding these eight mistakes helps ensure you get the best lawyer for yourself.

Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting Your Burbank Auto Accident Attorney

Do not make the mistake of hiring lawyers:

1. With Insufficient Trial Experience


It’s always essential to select a lawyer based on their skills, experience, and claims handling. They should be able to convince and make insurance companies pay you your rightfully deserved compensation.

Remember, your or the other person’s insurance company usually pays accident victims as little as possible, less than you deserve.

And that’s why insurance companies have so much money!

Hiring an extensively experienced lawyer increases the chances of your winning your case. It’s even better if you select someone board-certified.

2. Only for Their Flashy Advertising

Don’t fall for lawyers with flashy TV commercials or ads. Anyone can pay for the best advertorials. Instead, hire someone who is experienced and has a track record in handling injury claims.

3. Who Promises the Most Money

The compensation you stand to receive depends on many factors like:

  • Total medical expenses
  • Recovery time
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Injury and damage severity

So no one can make claims about how much your case is worth upfront. It’s only after they do the necessary research they will know how much you can receive.

4. Expects to Settle Your Case

Some attorneys avoid going to trial and prefer settling the case without going to court. You end up receiving less money if you hire such ”settling attorneys”.

The only and best way to obtain maximum compensation is by taking your case to trial.

5. Solely Through ‘Friendly Lawyer’ Referrals

Yes, referrals from friends do give you some perspective of who to hire. However, don’t use referrals from friends who recommend a lawyer just because they like the person.

Instead, it’s referrals from people who are happy with lawyers who have won their cases that you can consider.

6. Who Appears Successful


Never make the mistake of judging and hiring lawyers by appearance because appearances can be deceiving. Lawyers with a handsome office or expensive car may not be as efficient as someone knowledgeable, skillful, and experienced.

Experienced and skilled attorneys know how to sue the other party and take your case to trial if required.

7. Based on Their Office Location

You may want to hire a lawyer down the street because they are nearby and convenient to reach. However, it’s not convenient for you need to target while selecting an attorney.

You need to find someone who’s experienced and knows how to handle auto accident claims.

Remember, you will do most of your communication over the internet or telephone. You won’t have to go to their office much. Even if you do, the extra minutes spent driving to an experienced lawyer’s office are well worth it.

8. Without Reviewing Their Track Record


Never hire an attorney without reviewing their track record. Ask and find out how many cases they could settle for more than $1,000,000, between $500,000 and $750,000, and so on.

This gives you a rough idea of their expertise, experience, and capabilities.

Avoiding these eight mistakes go a long way in ensuring you select the right auto accident attorney in Burbank to handle your case.

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