The 8 Requirements To Win A Slip And Fall Case

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Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and to anybody. Many times it causes significant emotional and financial trauma upon the victim. However, suffering from such accidents on someone else’s property makes them liable for the damages.

In such a case, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the liable party for getting justified compensation. You just need to fulfill these requirements to win the case:

  • Proving Liability

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You have to prove in the court of law that your slip and fall is someone else’s fault and not yours. You can establish your case by showing the recklessness of the property owners.

Though not intentional, their actions may have led to unwelcome but compensable physical, emotional, and financial damages.

  • Proving the Dangerous Property Conditions

Another way of establishing your case is by proving the dangerous property condition. For example, slippery floors, defective staircases, poor lighting, etc., could cause accidents.

Accidents occurring in such conditions make the owners liable as it shows their negligent attitude.

  • Proving The Property Owner’s Failure To Fix A Potential Danger

You need to prove that the property owners failed to fix a dangerous property condition to win your slip and fall claim. For example, if there are loose wires on the floor, it’s the owner’s duty to have it fixed by the electrician.

If they had enough time to fix the problem before the slip and fall occurred, you could prove your case by showing their carelessness.

  • Seeking Medical Treatment

medical treatment

Your health should always be your priority. Consult a doctor immediately if you were hurt in a slip and fall accident.

Not only will you be treated, but your doctor will also document your injuries. And these medical records will work as a piece of evidence and can get you the rightful compensation.

  • Documenting Vital Evidence

Don’t forget to click pictures of the location where you feel the conditions may change later and falsify your claim. Collecting details of the potential witnesses, such as their names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., is also very important.

Their statements are very crucial as they can turn the case in your favor.

  • Informing the Property Owner about the Accident

Immediately informing the property owner about your accident is a brilliant idea. It will allow them to start their work process, such as contacting their insurance company, which will also quicken your claim process.

You might get the chance to gather their information at this stage which could be helpful for you later.

  • Avoid Signing Any Document


The property owner’s insurance company may try to contact you with a settlement offer. They could persuade you to sign a waiver of claims.

Don’t sign any paperwork before consulting with a legal professional. Always remember that they are less concerned about you and more about themselves.

  • Contacting a Law Firm

An excellent legal representative will help you establish your case and achieve a fair settlement. Their guidance from the initial stage of your case will strengthen its potential of winning.

So, choose a firm that has a good track record of working on personal injury cases. Expertise in slip and fall cases is very crucial.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Burbank Are A Good Choice

An expert lawyer knows best how to get you maximum benefits from the case. A Burbank personal injury attorney is an expert in this field of law, especially with slip and fall cases.

So, if ever you find yourself in a slip and fall accident, don’t hesitate to consult them. You will thank yourself later!

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