Auto Accidents Caused by Flying Debris- What Happens Next?

flying debris

Auto accidents are unexpected incidents that happen unannounced when you least expect it. And there are various causes and types of accidents.

But whatever the reason may be, it usually ends with wreckage strewn across at least one lane. So there is a chance of traffic coming in contact with the wreckage, and leading to more accidents.

Consequently, there are some collisions where the initial impact leads to debris flying in the air. There is a high chance of this debris flying into any vehicles or people near the accident scene.

It can cause untoward property damage and bodily harm.

For example, braking because of a large item slamming into the vehicle can cause injuries like whiplash, broken bones, or severe internal injury.

There is also the risk of the object embedding into the car, or a new victim.

What Are the Nonstandard Accidents?

flying debris

They are accidents between one car and object or two or more vehicles on the road creating flying debris. The collision’s impact can lead to car parts flying and damaging another vehicle or hurting another person.

It can be drunk drivers or someone under the influence of drugs who crash into the railing, roadside, or something large on the road. It leads to large car pieces flying and ending up far away and giving new victims.

Flying Debris Injury

Though flying debris can be small at times, it’s more than enough to lead to deadly injuries. All it takes is something sharp to cut into the roof, slice the car, or make wounds.

Something large and bulky like tires can slam into another vehicle and leave dents. Or it can make the vehicle suddenly break and cause traumatic movements for those inside or fracture their bones.

These jerking movements can lead to the driver or passenger suffering from injury to the head, spine, or back and consequent permanent or long-term injury.

The impact may also cause brain injury or some serious internal issues like ending with the victim slipping into a coma.

Making Claims Against the Driver


You can hire a Burbank personal injury lawyer to sue the driver responsible for the flying debris and consequent injuries and property damage.

However, it will not be easy because you need to prove it.
To do this, you may need evidence, witness testaments, or video surveillance coverage, if any. It’s especially crucial if the flying debris stems from multiple cars or locations.

You will also need an expert witness to examine details and evaluate the provided evidence. They will be explaining things to the judge or jury.

With so much involved, it’s better to have a Burbank personal injury lawyer help you enter settlement negotiations or to proceed in court.

Insurance Settlements May Work


Most victims of flying debris accidents opt to claim for damages through an insurance company and health insurance policy. If you opt for this, then the opposing insurance company will pay for damages caused by the at-fault driver.

Once again, you need your lawyer in Burbank to help you out with this settlement offer.

Your Lawyer Will Explain Things

Your lawyer will use their legal expertise to directly contact an insurance carrier to provide essential details, which help increase the initial offer.

Depending on the case and situation, your lawyer will also opt to initiate a claim against the at-fault driver.

In short, you have to hire a personal injury lawyer for whatever you decide to do if you are a victim of flying debris accidents. Your lawyer will take a look at your case and explain your legal options to you.

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