7 Biggest Mistakes Personal Injury Victims Make

personal injury

A personal injury lawsuit is complicated.

You need to prove many things if you were the victim, such as the extent of your injury, psychological suffering, and lost income. Moreover, it’s easy to commit crucial mistakes that can lead to unfavorable outcomes, like a low settlement.

That’s why injury victims or plaintiffs should know about these common mistakes to avoid when filing a case for fruitful results.

Avoid these Mistakes When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

1. Failure to Get Proper Immediate Medical Attention

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Seek an immediate medical check-up after an accident and never allow any delay.

The at-fault party’s insurance provider may use your medical evaluation delay against you. They may try to prove that you had sustained your injuries from other causes, aside from the accident.

That’s why you must get an immediate medical check-up within 48 hours after the accident. It protects you from injury-related complications, and it also supports your case.

2. Signing a Quick Settlement Offer

You should never sign a settlement agreement too early on in a case.

The prospect of getting instant cash to pay your current bills is enticing. However, you can’t ask for more after the settlement. The problem is that you may soon accumulate more financial issues because of your injuries, like further medical costs and lost income.

That’s why it’s better to complete the claim process to get the compensation you deserve.

3. Talking with the Other Party’s Insurance Adjuster

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One of the biggest mistakes injury victims make is communicating with the at-fault party’s insurance representative. The adjuster may appear friendly and concerned for your well-being, but their only intention is to find any information to ruin your claim.

For example, they may prove that you are medically alright, so you deserve a lower compensation than what you claim.

That’s why you must never give a recorded statement to insurance adjusters. Never sign any documents like a medical privacy disclosure agreement too.

Instead, let your lawyer communicate with the insurance adjusters to defend you.

4. Becoming too Emotional

Emotional outbursts can lead you to critical mistakes in injury lawsuits.

For example, it can make you rush the case to court without prior settlement processes, with huge expenses and lengthy court procedures.

You can control these emotional outbursts by hiring a personal injury attorney in Burbank. They can help you make intelligent choices until you complete the case.

5. Failure to Consider Insurance Liens


Your insurance carrier may pay your medical costs before you receive the settlement. However, they can also file a lien for reimbursement against your compensation, wherein you take home a significantly lower amount than expected.

That’s why you must talk with a personal injury attorney about insurance liens. They can help minimize the liens to optimize the compensation you will receive.

6. Delaying Legal Actions

You must also file a claim immediately because time is crucial in a lawsuit.

The Californian statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits only allows you to file a case within two years after the accident. Letting that deadline pass means you lose your right to take legal action.

7. Not Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Hiring a personal injury attorney is a valuable advantage for your case.

They can talk with the insurance adjusters on your behalf, and they will fight for your rightful compensation. Moreover, your legal counsel represents your case if you need to go to court.

A lawyer will take a part of your compensation as payment, but you will still receive a higher amount than going without a lawyer.

Hire a Burbank Personal Injury Lawyer to Avoid these Critical Mistakes

These seven common mistakes can lead to undesirable results in a personal injury lawsuit. You must avoid them at all costs to get the most out of your claim.

So, consult a personal injury attorney in Burbank to make the correct steps throughout your lawsuit.

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