Can They Send an Investigator to SPY on Me in a Personal Injury Claim?


The answer is straightforward…YES!
In most cases, personal injury attorneys are allowed to hire private investigators to conduct background checks and surveillance on you. Make sure to have an alibi for any suspicious incidents they could uncover about your character.

Can They Send an Investigator to My Job?


Personal injury investigators can spy at work premises to observe your behavior, check your timecards, and interview coworkers. Prepare for the situation by ensuring that all of your co-workers are on board with seeing you win a personal injury claim.

What Is the Difference Between Surveillance and Investigation?

Surveillance is the act of watching a subject discreetly.
Investigators use different methods such as hidden cameras, closed-circuit television (CCTV), audio recorders, and GPS tracking devices to do this.
They can even follow you in a car or on foot.
On the other hand, the investigation is an examination that reveals information about something or somebody. In the context of a personal injury, investigation means collecting and examining evidence that will help establish the following:

  • How did the accident happen?
  • Who is responsible for it and the extent of damages
  • How badly you were hurt.

A private investigator can obtain such information in two ways: by talking to witnesses; by observing your activities, i.e., surveillance.

How Do I Know If Someone Has Been Spying on Me?


You should be able to tell if you are under surveillance or are under investigation.
An investigator will try to blend in. However, it is inevitable that at some point, they won’t.
Here are a few signs that indicate someone is watching you, and to look out for:

  • You see the same car everywhere, over and over again.
    It may indicate that someone is following you. Try to make sure you are not being followed. Make a U-turn, change your route, go different ways to work, and pay attention to the cars around you at stoplights.
  • An investigator may wait outside your house/apartment
    Investigators commonly want to talk to your neighbors.
    So look out for people speaking to your neighbors, and don’t forget to ask your neighbors about them. Make a note and save their actions. You will need them while discussing your case with your personal injury attorney in Burbank.
  • Don’t be surprised to see a private investigator outside of your workplace too. They may be observing how you interact with coworkers, what time you are in and out on your shift etc. Again save the details for later discussion with your attorney.

What Are My Rights Against This Kind of Invasion of Privacy? What Should I Do Next?

invasion of privacy

You have a right to know why someone is spying on you.
In some cases, it is attorneys who hire private investigators. In others, it could be long-term surveillance carried out by private agencies or by your employer.
Whatever the case, you have the right to find out who is investigating you. You can do this by:

  • Getting specific details from the investigator about when, where, and what they have seen.
  • Finding out who hired them.

What Can I Do If I Find Out That Someone Is Spying on Me?

File a complaint with the agency that licenses private investigators. Keep in mind that some investigations are perfectly legal. So do not make false accusations unless you have evidence. Or if you can prove there is no other explanation for what you suspect is happening.
Your Burbank personal injury lawyer will be able to guide and assist you with filing a claim against the private investigator agency.

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