7 Leading Causes for Fatal Work-Related Injuries

fatal work-related injuries

In 2019 alone, a total of 5,333 workers died in the USA because of traumatic work-related injuries.

That’s why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reminds employers and workers to be extra careful, especially in hazardous working conditions. An example is on construction sites, where most of the fatal injuries occurred in 2016.

So, it’s better to know the top causes of fatal workplace injuries to avoid them while you work. And do call a Burbank workers’ compensation lawyer if you sustain any workplace injury.

The OSHA’s Fatal Four in Construction Sites

According to the OSHA, most fatal workplace injuries in construction sites happen because of these four causes:

1. Fall from a Higher Point

work-related injuries

Falling to a lower level happens because of poorly constructed walking or working surfaces like ladders and scaffoldings. It can also occur when workers stumble while on a higher point.

Be sure to follow the recommended guidelines for working on heights to avoid fatal falls.

3. Compression in or between Objects

Many workers sustain injuries or die because of getting crushed within or between objects. It happens when the moving parts of an equipment or machine catch a worker and pull them in.

In some cases, workers get caught in or between machines that don’t have safety guards on the moving parts. Failure to turn off equipment before any maintenance or repair can lead to this accident too.

2. Electrocution


Another common cause of fatal workplace injuries is electrocution. It happens when a worker comes in contact with a deadly amount of electrical energy.

Electricity can quickly go out of hand if it travels through faulty wirings and equipment. Mishandling of electrical devices can cause electrocution too.

4. Struck-by Accidents

Struck by accident happens when an object hits a worker with full force. An example is when falling metal debris or a swinging crane hits the worker.

In most cases, workers fail to see a speeding object coming in their direction and hitting them.

That’s why workers must remain alert while working heavy machinery.

These are four of the top fatal causes of workplace injuries in construction sites. However, they can also happen in other industries, so all workers must be careful about these accidents.

Other Causes of Deadly Injuries in the Workplace

auto accident

Aside from the OSHA’s Fatal Four for construction sites, there are other common causes of deadly workplace injuries you must know.

1. Vehicular Accidents

These are accidents involving any form of transport vehicles. It can happen to different workers on the road like truckers and delivery boys.

Workers on field duty can also encounter these accidents while walking, and a vehicle hits them.

2. Slips and Trips

As mentioned above, slipping while in a higher area can cause a worker to fall to a lower level.

However, slipping and tripping on the floor can also cause injury. An example is a person tripping on the floor and bumping their head on a hard surface. It can cause head trauma, brain injury, or even death.

3. Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals

toxic substances

Exposure to harmful substances is also a common cause of workplace injury.

It may not cause a sudden and traumatic accident in most cases. However, the chemicals’ effects can accumulate in a workers’ body and cause occupational disease.

Consult a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Burbank if You Sustain Workplace Injuries


These causes of fatal workplace injuries are worrying. However, you and your employer can avoid them if you follow professional protocols in the workplace.

Do consult a dependable lawyer if you notice your employer doesn’t observe safety protocols for workers or if you suffer from work-related injuries. An attorney can also help if your loved one dies from a workplace accident and you want help claiming death benefits.

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