Can I Claim Workers’ Compensation for Repetitive Stress Injury?

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Are you suffering from a work-related repetitive stress injury?

If yes, remember that you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation to cover different financial difficulties you may experience from the condition.

That’s because repetitive injuries that seem mild at first can worsen and result in a debilitating health risk. You need to get adequate rest, medical attention, and proper treatment to address the issue immediately.

Read this article to know more about repetitive stress injuries and how to claim compensation for a work-related case.

What Is Repetitive Stress Injury?


Repetitive stress injury (RSI) is a condition that soft tissues sustain because of repeated stress or movements over a long period. Routine stress on the same area causes injuries to develop and results in different symptoms like muscle pain and movement difficulties.

Particular workers gradually develop RSI because of repetitive motions in their work routine. Some of the common causes of work-related repetitive stress injuries include:

  • Constant repetitive movement like working in an assembly line
  • Frequent lifting of heavy objects
  • Keeping a wrong posture while working
  • Keeping stationary position overtime like typing on a computer for long hours daily

Conditions that May Result from Repetitive Stress Injury

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Repetitive stress injury may result in different health conditions like:

  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Spinal injury

These symptoms and conditions may begin as simple irritations like tingling and numbing sensations. However, they can worsen and become a debilitating condition that causes excruciating pain and movement difficulties.

An example is in the case of tendinitis. It’s an irritation or inflammation of tendons or the tissue that connects your muscles to the bones. A typical example of Tendinitis includes Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow.

Tendinitis begins with simple swelling but can lead to severe complications like tendon rupture, which may require surgical treatment.

Claiming Workers’ Compensation for Repetitive Stress Injuries

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California law allows you to collect workers’ comp for cumulative injuries like repetitive stress injury.

However, it’s challenging to prove that you sustained your injury in the workplace. Your employer may suspect you get it from other causes like sports and household activities.

For example, suppose you sustain work-related tendinitis, and your employer knows that you are a tennis player. It could be challenging to prove that your injury is work-related because your employer may argue that you got it from your hobby.

That’s why it’s crucial to follow these three steps when claiming workers’ comp for RSI:

1. Seek Medical Attention Soon After the First Symptom Shows

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It’s essential to seek immediate medical attention for work-related injuries and illnesses. It addresses your condition early on and prevents severe complications.

Moreover, tell the doctor that your condition has resulted from repetitive stress and movements in the workplace. So, the physician can confirm that cause to you, and they will make a medical report to support your claim.

3. Report Your Injury to Your Employer and Fill the Correct Form

You must immediately inform your employer about your condition to start the claim process.

Get a workers’ comp claim form from your employer, then fill in the necessary details. Your employer will then provide additional information in the form before passing it to the insurance carrier.

However, the insurance provider will investigate your claim. Letting your attorney talk with the insurance adjuster helps defend your claim and maximize the compensation you will receive.

2. Consult a Lawyer

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A workers’ compensation attorney in Burbank will help you prove that your RSI is work-related. They can collect relevant evidence like your medical report and witness statements from your coworkers.

They will then represent you in the legal proceedings to get the compensation you deserve.

Hire a Burbank Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to Get Benefits for Any Injury

You deserve to receive the rightful workers’ comp for repetitive stress injury. However, it may be challenging to prove that your RSI is work-related.

This is where hiring a good workers’ compensation attorney in Burbank to represent your case will help.

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