8 Common Causes for Accidents While Backing Up

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Sure, you have backup cameras and adaptive headlights, which help ensure the safe backing up of the car.

However, did you know that these measures do not eliminate the probability of accidents while backing up?

And to make things worse, you may be deemed to be at fault if you back up your vehicle and hit another car.

The good news is it’s not every time that the driver backing up their vehicle is responsible. However, you do have to prove that the accident wasn’t a consequence of your negligence.

You can do this by proving that the accident wasn’t due to inadequate driving skills but due to these reasons.

Ten Common Causes for Accidents While Backing Up

back up car

You need skill and precision while backing up your vehicle. Any ignorance or these causes may lead to a fatal accident, causing damage along with injuries to others.

1. Distracted Driving

You are all set for backing up, and just when you shift to reverse gear, you receive an urgent call. It’s urgent, so instead of immediately stopping, you decide to answer the call while backing up.

With the momentary distraction, you end up pushing your car accelerator hard and crashing into the car behind yours.

It’s not surprising because the human brain cannot always multi-task. And this may at times lead to fatal accidents while driving. That’s why the top reasons for accidents while backing up are texting, reading, talking, eating, or even grooming while driving.

2. Reckless Driving

Overconfidence or rash driving while backing up also leads to a fatal accident. You may end up bumping your vehicle into another car if you purposely fail to take precautionary measures while backing up.

3. Speeding

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You are more likely to hit another car if you are in a rush while backing up. It’s because we often trust our instincts about the other car’s distance when in a hurry.

You end up speeding while backing up, leading to a crash into another vehicle.

4. Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving like speeding, reckless and distracted driving can trigger accidents while backing up. You, in such cases, end up hurting yourself along with the passers-by and occupants in other cars.

5. Drunken Driving

Statistics prove that, on average, drunken driving causes 28 deaths every day. You don’t have much control over your senses when drunk. So you can’t expect yourself to be able to back up accurately when drunk.

6. Defective Vehicles

If any part of the vehicle malfunctions while backing up the car, the chances of a fatal accident are higher. There is a chance of the vehicle going out of the driver’s control.

7. Bad Roads

Potholes and broken roads often cause accidents. It can lead to popped tires and vehicles going out of control, even with the most experienced drivers. It is the municipality’s responsibility to ensure that the roads are properly maintained to avoid such accidents.

8. Weather Conditions

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Slippery roads are also attributable to fatal accidents. Backing up your vehicle on a stormy day can cause an accident. Bad weather conditions can lead to the car sliding off or reduce visibility while backing up and thus trigger accidents.

Most accidents while backing up occur due to human error. As it’s the backing up driver’s responsibility to ensure the road is clear before backing up, they are usually held liable.

But liability depends on the crash circumstances. For example, if speeding is a factor, the speeding driver is held responsible. Even bad roads, weather conditions, or sudden breakdowns do not hold the driver responsible for such accidents.

An experienced auto accident attorney in Burbank will assess the case and find out who is liable. They will also help file a lawsuit to help you claim your compensation for all expenses incurred due to the accident.

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