The Dangers of Slow Driving

slow driving

Overspeeding is a dangerous traffic violation that can lead to deadly auto accidents.

However, did you know that slow driving may also cause devastating consequences? Slow cars can confuse other drivers and force them to take risky reactions like steering their vehicle erratically in a different direction.

You must thus understand the dangers of slow driving to avoid a devastating car crash. Also, know the correct actions to take if you must slow down when driving.

Why Is Slow Driving Dangerous

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Slow driving is a dangerous road action because it interferes with the traffic flow. Other drivers may fail to immediately notice a car’s slow movement, causing them to:

  • Crash into the slow car’s rear
  • Erratically react, force their car in a different direction, and crash into another vehicle, property, or pedestrian.

Drivers’ may thus face these consequences when driving unreasonably slow.

  • Receive a traffic violation ticket
  • Increased car insurance rates because of higher accident risk
  • Considered largely at fault by the court if slow driving caused a car crash

Remember that California law imposes the Pure Comparative Negligence principle. You may thus receive a higher share of fault in a car crash because of slow driving. So, you may have to pay higher compensation to the plaintiff.

Hiring a Burbank auto accident attorney helps if you were potentially at fault in a car crash case because of slow driving.

Tips for Slow-Driving if Necessary

While slow driving is generally dangerous, there are cases when you must drive below the speed limit to avoid accidents, like:

  • Under bad weather conditions
  • Near school zones.
  • There’s an obstacle ahead, like a damaged vehicle
  • Poor road conditions
  • Slow traffic flow

However, you must remember these points when slowing down to avoid causing danger to other drivers:

  • Drive in the Slow Lane or the road’s right lane to allow faster vehicles to pass on your left. Driving slowly in the fast lanes increases the risk of causing an accident.
  • While you can drive slowly in the right lane, don’t go unreasonably slow as you may also cause an accident in that area.
  • Consider temporarily stopping your car in a safe place to let faster vehicles pass. It’s also necessary if you need to do other things that could distract your driving, like checking your GPS.

What to Do If You Encounter a Slow Driving Car


Now, suppose you are driving within the speed limit, and you notice a slow-moving car ahead. Here are the points to keep in mind to avoid an accident in that situation:

  • Stay calm, and don’t let emotions distract you. For example, don’t suddenly slam your brakes as another vehicle may hit you from behind.
  • Decide where it’s safe to overtake the slow car and adjust your speed accordingly. You may have to slow down if you are using the right lane to overtake and speed -up a bit on the left lane. You may also have to stay behind the slow-moving vehicle for a while if you cannot change lanes.
  • Be careful when overtaking as the other vehicle’s driver could be slowing down because of an obstacle ahead. Recklessly overtaking could lead you to an accident with an unforeseen vehicle, pedestrian, or property.

Auto Accident Lawyer in Burbank for Car Crash Cases Involving Slow Driving


Never drive below the speed limit to avoid the dangers of slow driving. You must also be careful when approaching a slow-moving vehicle to prevent a devastating car crash.

However, accidents may still happen, and you could be the driver of the slow vehicle or the faster car. Calling a Burbank auto accident attorney helps you win a complex case involving slow driving.

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