Top 5 Tips for Documenting Your Disability Claim

disability claim

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has strict requirements for approving disability claims.

It is thus crucial to prepare sufficient documents that prove your condition when claiming disability benefits. Presenting these documents helps you get faster approval, as they can convince the SSA you deserve the benefits.

Now, what are the documents to prepare for the disability benefits application?

What are the points to remember when compiling these documents?

Read on to answer these vital questions when claiming disability insurance.

Points to Remember When Collecting Documents for Your Disability Claim


1. Consult a Social Security Benefits Lawyer

Consulting a Burbank Social Security benefits attorney is crucial when claiming disability benefits, as they can:

  • Check if your condition qualifies as a disability through the SSA Bluebook listing
  • Tell you the requirements based on the specific listing for your condition
  • Inform you of the alternative documents supporting your specific conditions if you don’t qualify through the
  • Bluebook listings
  • Help prepare your disability application form.
  • Guide you through SSA disability assessments and represent you in disability hearings

A professional attorney can give you these advantages, which will ultimately help get you a quick SSA approval.

2. Collect Medical Records


Medical records help prove your disability to the SSA by revealing your exact medical condition and how it limits your ability to work.

Here are some common medical records you must gather for a disability claim:

  • Medical report from your treating physician
  • Diagnosis reports
  • Laboratory test results
  • Treatment and medication history
  • Emergency room records
  • Medical bills

Some conditions even have some specific qualifying requirements. For example, you need to submit a biopsy report if you have cancer, but you won’t need it to prove an eye injury.

Consult with your attorney to know the specific medical requirements for your condition.

3. Get Your Treating Physician’s Statement


Aside from the usual medical records, you should also get a statement from your doctor about your condition. Your doctor knows a lot about your disability, so they can make a reliable statement that you can present to the SSA.

You can also ask your doctor to fill out a Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) form proving the limitations you experience because of your condition.

For example, it can indicate you can only walk for a few minutes or hours daily. It can also prove you can only work for a few hours, thus limiting your earning potential.

4. Collect Witness Statements from Former Employers or Coworkers

Always remember that the SSA wants to prove that your disability prevents you from working and earning enough income. You can thus ask for written testimonies from your previous employer and coworkers, proving your disability prevents you from working full-time.

For example, your coworkers can prove you have movement difficulties that prevent you from performing in the workplace.

Your boss can make a similar statement. They can also attach your employment records to prove you cannot work because of your condition.

5. Keep Your Documents Updated

social security

The SSA wants to ensure your documentation is valid and proves your current condition. You should thus keep your documents updated by replacing each paper every six months or when your health condition changes.

Social Security Benefits Lawyer in Burbank to Help Document Your Disability Claim

Documenting your disability claim is vital to prove your condition and get the benefits you deserve. You should thus remember the tips above to help prepare your documents before submitting your disability benefits application.

Consulting a Burbank Social Security benefits attorney will ensure you have all the necessary documents for an efficient process.

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