Documents You Need While Applying for Social Security Benefits

It’s not so tricky applying for social security benefits these days compared to years ago. There’s no need to head to the Social Security Administration office to apply.
You can do the entire application process everything online. You just have to determine the best age, collect the required documents and supplementary information, and you can use it.
However, the only important thing is that you have your documents ready while applying. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure you have everything you need or not.
Just read on to find out what documents you need to have, and keep ready while applying for social security benefits.

Essential Documents You Will Require


You need the following documents in hand while applying for social security benefits:

  • Your original or certified birth certificate copy
  • Last year’s W-2 form
  • Your social security card
  • US citizenship or lawful alien status proof
  • Military service papers (if applicable)

Don’t worry if you can’t access any of these documents for some reason or the other.
You can always submit them later in the process, or your local social security office for certified copies or something equivalent. Or you can also ask your social security benefits lawyer in Burbank to help you out.
The main thing is that you shouldn’t delay signing up for your benefits. Apply on time. Delaying the process only risks you’re losing your benefits.
However, you need to remember that the SSA accepts photocopies of only some documents like your tax returns. You will need to submit originals of other forms like your birth certificate.

Additional Required Information


You will also have to provide some additional information like:

  • Your spouse’s name, age, date of birth, and social security number if you are married. You also need to provide the wedding date and place for existing and former spouses.
  • Your bank’s routing number, account number, and when you want the benefits to start for logistical purposes
  • An indication if you’re going to enroll in Medicare Part B if you are eligible
  • If you have unmarried children under 18 or disabled kids under 22
  • You or someone else has filed for supplementary security income, Medicare, or social security benefits on your behalf
  • If you have ever used a different SSN

Required Employment Information

social security

What you did or do for a living may affect your benefits.
So you need to provide the SSA with your employment details, including your employers’ names and addresses.
You will also have to disclose your earnings for this year, last year, and the following year’s potential earnings.
You will also have to indicate if the following conditions apply to you:

  • An inability to work because of an injury, condition, or illness at any point in the past 14 months
  • You or your spouse has had any job in the railroad industry
  • Earned social security credits from another country’s system
  • Qualification for pension or annuity from a federal or state government employer

You should be able to access most of the required documents and information easily. However, do not worry if you find it difficult to do so.
Your Burbank social security benefits attorney will help you with it. They know how to help you track down the documents and information you lack.
You should not have any problems applying once you have all the relevant information and documents. Once your application is processed, you will soon start receiving your social security benefits which will prove helpful during retirement.

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