How Effective Are Pedestrian Detection Systems?

pedestrian detection safety

Road safety is a significant concern for drivers as they want to avoid accidents that could result in damages, injuries, and expenses.

You thus want your car to have enough safety features, like pedestrian detection systems. This technology automatically stops the vehicle to avoid accidents upon detecting a pedestrian.

The question is, do pedestrian detectors work?

Read on to know the effectiveness of pedestrian detecting systems, and check some reminders about pedestrian safety.

Understanding the Effectiveness of Pedestrian Detection Systems on Cars

pedestrian detection safety

The pedestrian detection system is an advanced technology that automatically stops the car upon detecting a pedestrian ahead. You may, however, worry if this system is indeed effective in preventing pedestrian accidents.

The US Volpe Center conducted a study funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to understand the technology’s effectiveness.

The Volpe team estimates that the technology could reduce around 5000 pedestrian accidents and 810 fatal cases annually. It’s equivalent to 8% of all car accidents involving pedestrians nationwide.

While 8% is not a huge figure, it can still prove that the system can help prevent pedestrian accidents. The thing is that you should still drive responsibly to avoid hitting pedestrians and don’t rely entirely on the safety system. Also, you must hire a Burbank auto accident lawyer to protect your rights if you hit a pedestrian.

How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

As mentioned above, the pedestrian detection system is helpful, but you should still be careful while driving to avoid accidents. Keep these points in mind as a guide:

1. Never Drive When Drunk or Sleepy

drunk driving accident

As mentioned above, you should pay attention to the road while driving. You should thus avoid driving when you can’t focus on the task, like when sleepy or drunk.

Take a nap in a safe parking spot if you feel sleepy. You may also ask another person to drive your car if you are drunk or take a taxi instead.

2. Focus on Driving

Avoid any distraction whenever you are driving, like:

  • Using handheld devices
  • Using hands-free communication devices like cellphones with BlueTooth earphones
  • Eating or drinking
  • Reading

It helps keep your attention on the road to perform immediate actions if necessary. An example is immediately stepping on the brakes when a child suddenly crosses the street.

3. Slow Down When Approaching a Pedestrian Area

pedestrian detection

Driving slow gives you enough time to react when pedestrians move unpredictably.

So, reduce your speed when approaching pedestrian areas like a pedestrian lane. Also, slow down when nearing an intersection as bicycles could drive in front of your vehicle.

4. Be careful When There is Another Vehicle Ahead

Be careful when overtaking a vehicle that suddenly stopped in front of you. It might have stopped because of a crossing pedestrian, and you may hit the person when you carelessly overtake.

On a side note, keep enough distance from any vehicle in front of you to ensure you have enough reaction time when that car stops or turns.

5. Communicate Non-Verbal Cues with Pedestrians

pedestrian safety

Pedestrians want to ensure it’s safe to cross the street while your car approaches.

So, communicate using non-verbal cues like eye contact and hand gestures to tell each other who should pass first while the other waits.

Call an Auto Accident Attorney in Burbank if You Hit a Pedestrian

A pedestrian detection system could help you avoid accidents, especially if you remember the above-mentioned responsible driving tips.

However, accidents may still occur, no matter how careful you are behind the wheels. Consulting a Burbank auto accident lawyer helps protect your legal rights in that situation by proving you are not at fault.

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