Eight Common Accidents Caused by Unsafe Premises


Property owners have a huge responsibility.

They have to ensure their premises are safe for people living or visiting it, and that they don’t end up getting injured.

While most properties are safe, some properties, unfortunately, end up unsafe for visitors and tenants. They may end up suffering from severe injuries like amputations, brain injuries, permanent disabilities, and even death.

Common Types of Premises Liability Claims

There are various ways an individual may get injured through unsafe premises, and make people seek help through premises liability claims.

Here are eight of the most common accidents and injuries due to unsafe premises:

1. Dog Bites

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There’s no doubt that the dog is a man’s best friend.

However, their bites can sometimes leave humans with physical and emotional damage. Some injuries dog bites leave you with are lacerations, rabies, contusions, emotional harm, broken bones, and even death.

While dogs generally bite if provoked or when afraid, some are also a result of negligent owners.

2. Lead Paint Poisoning

Lead paint may not be common today but was once pretty standard.

Lead paint is avoided now because it can lead to problems like hearing difficulties, reduced intelligence, and behavioral complications when ingested.

Unfortunately, many Burbank growing children are exposed to the paint and can suffer from its side effects if swallowed. While parents should know about the paint, many property owners fail to notify them about their unsafe premises.

3. Injuries in Escalators and Elevators


Elevators and escalators are incredibly convenient in high-rise buildings, however only if they are in proper working conditions. They can also cause significant injury and possible death if found defective in any way.

And it’s usually the property owners’ negligence or low maintenance that leads to defective products.

Examples of their negligence include failure to inspect them and replace or repair damaged parts, overcrowding, and outdated equipment.

4. Collapsed Porch

Porch collapses are sudden accidents that can seriously injure many innocent people. Various factors like an old structure, overcrowding, violated building codes, and no inspections or repairs can weaken the porch and lead to its collapse.

5. Slip and Fall

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Property owners should keep their property safe, so visitors don’t end up slipping and falling and ending with severe injuries. It means their floors should be dry, or at least signs put up if the floor is wet.

6. Fires

Sometimes fire on someone else’s premises may be enough reason for a premises liability claim. While an accident may be the cause of the fire, sometimes the owners’ negligence may have indirectly or directly triggered the fire.

Not having sprinklers or fire extinguishers, not building to code, not providing a safe exit route, and malfunctioned electric hardware can trigger a fire.

The fire can, in turn, inflict severe injuries on innocent people, who can claim compensation for their expenses, pain, and suffering.

7. Swimming Pool Injuries

Swimming is indeed a fun and therapeutic exercise, alone and with friends. However, poorly maintained swimming pools are unsafe and can trigger lead to injuries.

Injuries inflicted by a hazardous swimming pool give enough reason to consider the swimming pool owner or operator responsible for the damage.

If proven guilty, they may end up having to pay the injured person their rightful compensation.

8. Stair Collapse


Sometimes property owners fail to repair worn staircases or may have built a substandard stairway. They may not have been constructed as per safety code, have worn or broken parts, or there’s overcrowding on the stairs.

Whatever the reason may be, it can collapse and injure innocent visitors or tenants.

Your Burbank premises liability attorney can help.

Anyone injured because of unsafe premises ends up with not only physical injuries but also go through emotional and financial complications.

They should hire a lawyer to help them file a lawsuit against the responsible unsafe premises owner, and seek their rightful compensation.

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