Am I Eligible for Benefits If I’m Homeless and Disabled?


Are you a homeless and disabled person in Burbank?

Do you wonder if you’re still entitled to receive Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance?

The good news is that you can still apply for these benefits despite your situation. However, you must remember some unique points when applying for SSI or SSDI. You may need the help of a professional Burbank Social Security benefits lawyer for your application too.

Basic Requirements When Applying for Benefits


First, remember that even if you’re homeless and disabled, you still need to satisfy these basic requirements of applying for benefits:

  • You worked in a job that’s eligible for the Social Security program.
  • Can’t apply for another type of job.
  • You have had a disability for at least a year. Your disability could also be new, but your physician predicted that it will last for more than a year or is possibly fatal.

Tips to Apply for Benefits if You’re Homeless and Disabled

Remembering these points will help you with the application:

1. Secure Your Medical Records

medical bills

Remember that you must prove your disability through medical reports.

So, gather all your medical records or set an appointment with a physician to check your disability. Fortunately, some volunteer doctors in Burbank offer free services for homeless people.

2. File an Application

You could consider dropping by a SocialSecurity Administration office in your local place. You can directly apply for benefits there, and they will assist you through the process. The SSA can also refer you to other social programs that help homeless and disabled people.

The SSA also offers online application processes. This option is perfect when there’s no SSA office near you.

Thankfully, another person can file on your behalf. You only need to find a person or a place with internet connectivity.

Check advocacy organizations, libraries, and even churches. You can then ask to use their computer or request help when filing if needed.

Another option is to find a Burbank Social Security benefits lawyer to file your application.

3. Establish a Communication Line


It’s vital to maintain communication with the SSA so that you can quickly respond if contacted.

However, you don’t have a phone and a permanent home address.

That is not a problem if you hire a lawyer to help you with your social benefit application. They can act as your contact person with the SSA, and they can even respond on your behalf when possible.

You can also keep a friend or a family member updated with your exact location. They can then quickly find and contact you when the SSA sends a message.

Another option is talking with shelters or advocacy organizations. Ask them to inform you when the SSA sends a notice. You can always go to their place for updates too.

Receiving the Benefit Payments from the SSA


The next thing to worry about is receiving your regular payments.

The SSA usually directly deposits your benefits to your bank account. However, you can also use this direct express option even if you don’t have a bank account. All you have to do is provide a mailing address for the SSA to send your debit card.

So, again talk with a family member, a friend, or an advocacy organization who can receive the debit card on your behalf. Pick somebody you can trust so that you won’t end up losing the benefit payment.

You can also talk with your attorney and have them receive the payments on your behalf.

Hire a Social Security Benefits Attorney in Burbank


You deserve to receive benefits even if you’re homeless and disabled. You only need to know how to handle the process while considering your unique situation.

Hiring a Burbank Social Security benefits lawyer provides valuable assistance. They won’t just guide you but act as your contact person too.

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