Expert Witnesses Who Could Help You Win Your Auto Accident Claim

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Expert witnesses may be necessary for car accidents that result in significant damages and injuries. They are professionals in their respective fields who can support a case with scientific evidence and testimonies.

However, you must know if you need expert witnesses for your lawsuit or not. You should also know which expert to hire if necessary for your case to get the best outcomes.

Who Are Expert Witnesses?


An expert witness is a person who can deliver a professional explanation about a particular topic in court. They have specialized education, training, and experience regarding their niche or area of interest. And the court accepts these expert testimonies as valuable evidence for a case.

These professionals will prove a particular point in a lawsuit to the jury. For example, a physician can prove the extent of your injuries. The court will accept a doctor’s testimonies as factual evidence because of their medical expertise.

When Should You Hire an Expert Witness?

It is expensive to hire an expert as your lawsuit witness. And most minor cases don’t release compensations that can cover the costs of hiring these professionals.

That’s why lawyers often reserve this option for complicated cases that involve significant damages and injuries. Moreover, they often suggest that you only hire an expert you need the most to avoid higher expenses.

For example, a doctor can charge around $500 per hour of work they spend for your case. They often charge different rates for paperwork and court proceedings too.

So, consult your auto accident attorney in Burbank to know if you need an expert witness or not for your case.

Common Expert Witnesses for Auto Accident Cases

Here are some of the expert witnesses you must hire for a car accident case:

1. Accident Reconstructionistsauto accident

This professional will recreate a sketch or model of the actual accident that had happened. They will collect your statement, talk with witnesses, check the photos, visit the accident scene, and check the involved vehicles.

They use the collected evidence to explain in court what had happened at the time of the accident. So, they may also use a computer-generated model for better representation.

2. Physicians

A doctor or medical professional will check the extent of your injuries. They will also prove particular disabilities or limitations your injuries had caused and the treatment you need to recover.

3. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Expert

A rehabilitation specialist helps if the court wants to know your recovery plan. These professionals focus on explaining your current recovery progress and the remaining necessary steps to complete your rehabilitation.

4. Mental Health Specialists

post-traumatic stress

These professionals will explain psychological problems that you have sustained, like PTSD.

Moreover, they can prove the pain and suffering you experience from the car accident. And that is critical for claiming non-economic benefits.

5. Accountants or Financial Experts

You may need an accountant or economist to calculate or liquidate the compensation you deserve. They will consider all possible monetary values in your case to get accurate computations.

6. Automotive Experts

An automotive specialist will explain your car damage.

They can also prove what went wrong, especially if the accident involves faulty car parts. Their testimony will prove valuable if you need to sue a car manufacturer because of the problem.

7. Vocational Experts

Hire a vocational expert if you need to adjust to a new job position because of your injuries. So, this expert can prove what and why you have to make adjustments.

Consult a Burbank Auto Accident Lawyer about Expert Witnesses


Expert witnesses are valuable in an auto accident case who can professionally prove essential points using objective evidence professionally.

However, you must know when to hire one to support you in court to avoid unnecessary costs.

Consulting an auto accident attorney in Burbank helps you decide if you need an expert witness or not. They can point you to the correct expert to hire if necessary too.

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