Common Finger-Loss Accidents and How to Avoid Them

finger loss

Thousands of people in the USA lose their fingers each year. And kids below five years old and seniors above 65 have the highest risks of losing their fingers.

While doors and power tools are the most common causes of finger amputation, different accident types can result in this consequence. Knowing about these causes is better to keep you and your family safe from finger loss.

Read on to know the common causes of finger amputation and the best steps to take if you sustain this injury.

Common Causes of Finger Amputation

finger loss

1. Sharp Cuts

Finger amputation caused by a sharp object results in a clear cut with minimum blunt trauma around the amputated area. Thus, it’s possible to restore the amputated finger through reattachment surgery.

2. Crushing Accident

This accident occurs when a heavy or forceful object catches and crushes the finger, like:

  • Slamming doors or windows
  • Household power tools like lawn mowers
  • Workplace heavy machinery

This finger amputation type usually happens in the workplace because many employees work with or near heavy equipment.

You must seek immediate medical intervention for treatment after this accident. Also, call a Burbank workers’ compensation attorney to claim benefits from your employer while you recover.

3. Tearing Force Accident

finger loss

This amputation injury results from a strong force that tears the fingers’ tissues and bones.

An example is ring finger avulsion, or the injury resulting from forcefully removing a ring from the finger. This incident may result in some severe trauma or even amputation.

4. Medical Amputation

Many people lose their fingers because of medical necessity to stop the spread of disease or infection.

An example is cancer resection, gangrene, or removing tumors to prevent them from spreading to other body parts. This procedure may lead to amputation if necessary.

How to Avoid Losing Fingers in an Accident

While medical amputation could be necessary, these two points can help avoid losing fingers because of accidents:

1. Be Careful When Handling Hazardous Objects

Always be careful when using objects that can cut or crush your fingers, like:

  • Knives and scissors
  • Doors and windows
  • Power tools
  • Heavy machinery

Also, keep kids away from these objects as they have a high risk of sustaining injuries.

2. Use Safety Guards

Use protective equipment when handling hazardous objects to prevent finger amputation.

For example, install finger guards on your door, so it won’t slam hard when closing. Also, install safety guards on heavy workplace machines to avoid accidents.

Steps to Do When You Encounter Finger Amputation Accident

finger loss

Here are the steps to remember right after a finger amputation accident:

  1. Apply slight pressure on the injured area to stop or reduce bleeding. After which, clean it with saline water and wrap it with a gauze dressing.
  2. Clean the severed finger with saline water and wrap it with gauze. Place the finger in a waterproof plastic bag, and put it in another plastic bag. Then, place the bundle of bags in a container with ice. Never place the severed finger directly on ice to avoid damage.
  3. Immediately seek medical intervention and bring the bag with the severed finger. There is a better chance of successfully reattaching the finger within 12 hours after the accident.

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Burbank for Finger Amputation Accidents

Finger amputation is a horrible injury that could lead to disability. It’s important to remember the points above to avoid this injury and the steps to take when you accidentally sever your finger.

And if you encounter this accident in the workplace, you can claim workers’ compensation to cover your medical expenses and lost wages. A Burbank workers’ compensation attorney will help prepare your claim.

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