The Five Most Common Kinds of Auto Accidents in Burbank

car accident

Accidents are just that- accidents.
They happen unannounced, even with the most careful and experienced Burbank drivers. Nothing stops another car from colliding with you, leading to broken bones, brain injury, or other long-term health problems.
The most common reason for these auto accidents is a negligent or reckless driver. However, a driver that’s texting or talking on the phone can cause so many types of car wrecks.
However, here are the five most common types:

1. T-Bone Accidents

auto accident

T-bone accidents occur when one vehicle hits the side of another and are also called broadside or side-impact accidents. They are rather severe because the victims don’t have much protection from the impact except for the side door and windows.
T-bone accidents usually occur when one of the drivers:

  • Doesn’t stop at a red light
  • Tries turning left-right into oncoming traffic
  • Runs a stop sign

2. Head-On Collisions

As the name suggests, this is an accident involving two vehicles crashing their front ends. Unfortunately, it’s usually because the cars are driving in opposite directions and usually against the law.
The drivers usually end up drifting across lanes or turning the wrong way because they are:

  • Distracted like texting or talking on the cell phone
  • Intoxicated
  • Fallen asleep at the wheel

Some of them drive at such high speeds that the victim ends up with catastrophic injuries or death.

3. Rear-End Collisions

rear-end collisions

This is perhaps the most common car wreck, where a vehicle crashes into another car from behind. It usually happens because the driver in the back failed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.
They thus don’t have enough time or space to slow down or suddenly stop where necessary.
Drivers can avoid rear-end collisions by following the ‘three-second rule,’ which prevents tailgating. According to the rule, once the front vehicle passes a point, the back driver has to wait three seconds before reaching the end. This helps them maintain a safe driving distance, thus preventing collisions.

4. Rollover Car Wrecks

Rollover car wrecks usually involve SUVs and trucks. They are hazardous accidents because the vehicles don’t just collide with one another. Instead, one vehicle, usually the lighter one, ends up flipping over multiple times.
Sometimes the accident is not just the driver’s fault.
It may be due to a manufacturing defect.
In this case, the victim can make a product liability claim against both the manufacturer and the negligent driver.

5. Multi-Vehicle Collisions

multi car accident

Multi-vehicle crashes are usually the consequence of one or two careless drivers.
All it takes is two vehicles to crash into each other.
All the speeding vehicles behind them end up colliding with them. Sometimes it’s not the speed; intoxicated and distracted drivers also contribute to the accident. Then, of course, poor weather conditions also lead to drivers losing control of their vehicles and colliding with one another.
Compensation claims in multi-vehicle collisions are generally challenging to prove because it’s not easy determining who is at fault. Besides, all the drivers will be seeking compensation from the at-fault motorists.

How Your Burbank Auto Accident Attorney Can Help

Auto accident lawyers in Burbank can help if you or someone you love gets involved in a car wreck. They can use their skill and experience to help you claim the compensation you deserve for all expenses incurred.
They can even help you claim compensation for a multi-vehicle or rollover car wreck.
Let them take care of collecting evidence to prove your case and all legal proceedings. Worry only about your recovery; you don’t even have to worry about their fees.
Most car wreck lawyers work on a contingency fee basis where you pay them only if they win your case.

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