How to Get a Police Report After an Auto Accident

police report
It’s normal to panic and feels overwhelmed after a car crash. You may be rushed to the hospital because of injuries sustained. So you may not be able to talk with the at-fault driver or gather evidence from the accident scene.

Thankfully, the police will investigate the accident and record their findings upon arriving at the scene. They will create a police report, and you can get a copy to support your car accident case.

This article describes how you can obtain a copy of the police report and use it to help your auto accident lawsuit.

What to Expect in a Police Report

police report

It’s crucial to call the police immediately after a car crash. They will thoroughly investigate the scene to determine the accident facts. Afterwhich, they will record their findings and opinions in a police report that could serve as evidence when taking legal action.

The information you can get through a police report include:

  • Accident date, time, and location
  • Name, contact, and insurance information of all involved parties
  • Scene descriptions like road and weather conditions
  • Issued traffic violations
  • Statements from all involved parties and witnesses
  • Vehicle damage and injuries
  • Thorough photographs of the accident scene
  • Police opinions about the accident

The thing is that a police report may contain some inaccuracies or wrong information. So, be sure you review the document while getting a copy.

You may ask the police to change some objective details like your contact information. However, you can’t easily change sensitive information like a statement describing who is at fault.

Securing a Copy of Police Report

You can get a copy of the report from your local police department by:

  • Personally visiting the local police department
  • Requesting a copy by mailing
  • Requesting a copy through the local police department website (if available)

You have to wait for around 10 to 15 days after the accident before the police report becomes available. Moreover, you will have to pay $10 to $25 for the document.

On a side note, your insurance adjustor could have already secured a copy of the report. So, ask them before getting a copy from the police department.

A Burbank auto accident attorney can also get the police report on your behalf.

How a Police Report Helps a Car Accident Case


Now, here’s how a police report could help your auto accident lawsuit:

1. Proof Against False Information

The other parties involved in the accident could provide false information like:

  • Lying about the actual accident cause and who is at fault
  • Exaggerating their sustained damages to claim a higher compensation
  • Providing fake insurance and contact details

The police will thoroughly investigate the accident scene and collect accurate information from all involved parties. Thus, the police report will contain truthful details that you can use against false statements.

2. Required When Claiming Compensation

A police report is also vital when claiming compensation as it contains information about the accident scene. Your and the other party’s insurance provider will require this document during the settlement process.

3. Required in Court


The court will also require the police report when you file a lawsuit as vital evidence to support your case.

Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Burbank to Support Your Claim

The police report is a valuable document that will support your car crash case while claiming compensation.

However, you still need professional legal counsel to use the police report along with other evidence efficiently. So, it’s better to have a Burbank auto accident attorney defend you during settlement and in court.

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