10 Hacks that Help you Get Larger Burbank Social Security Benefits

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You look everywhere, and you find hacks for practically everything at home. There are hacks to remove chewing gum from clothes, fix flip-flops, and even slice frozen butter efficiently.

Did you also know that there are also some hacks to get more Burbank social security benefits?

Here are some tricks worth knowing and trying out.

1. Use Online Calculators

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There are so many determining and confusing factors in the social security filing process, which can be difficult for a newbie. Thus, using an online calculator or software program can help you find out how you can maximize your social security benefits.

2. Be Prepared for the Unexpected

There is always the possibility of these three basic expenses eating into your retirement savings- health care costs, job loss, and kids. Furthermore, you should be prepared for this and anticipate unexpected medical bills, loss of work, and unpredictable kids’ expenses.

While you can’t plan for every problem, planning for these three scenarios help you face any issues that come your way. However, you have nothing to lose by being prepared. You will at the most retire with more money, or get to retire early if none of them occur!

3. Delay

Your social security retirements may increase by a certain percentage if you delay your requirement to beyond full retirement age (FRA). It depends on your date of birth. However, the benefits increase is inapplicable upon reaching 70, even if you opt to delay taking benefits.

4. Increase Your Income

Social security depends on your average indexed monthly income for the 35 years you had earned the most. It uses a formula to arrive at your primary insurance amount (PIA). Depending on your date of birth, it ascertains how much you receive at your full retirement age of 65 or more.

In addition, you can increase your monthly benefit by replacing the low-income years in the 35-year calculation with higher income years. Or you can alternatively increase the number of years you work.

5. Coordinate All Your Eligible Benefits

Sometimes you may be eligible for multiple social security benefits like your own, survivors’, widows, or spousal. You can increase your lifetime payout by adequately coordinating the receipt of these numerous benefits. However, when and how you and your spouse file your benefits has a significant impact on your total payout.

6. Suspend Payments


If in your FRA to 70, you can voluntarily suspend your social security payments for any number of months till age 70. However, the payments, when restarted, will be higher.

7. Ascertain Your Life Expectancy

Longevity is the bonus factor while calculating your social security benefits. Those with a family history of longevity and a healthy lifestyle can consider filing for benefits later. However, those with a history of low longevity should preferably file early.

8. Withdraw Social Security Benefits

You can ‘withdraw’ your original application for social security benefits within 12 months of the date of first claiming your benefits. While you have to repay all the money received, you can restart your social security benefits then or later.

And welcome receiving more per month.

However, this is a great option to consider if you get some money like a new job or inheritance after beginning your social security.

9. Restrictions on Social Security Application

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Restricted applications can help optimize your social security benefits. You could use this strategy if you or your spouse were born on or before Jan. 1, 1954.

Either of you can collect a spousal benefit based on the other’s savings record. It helps delay the individual benefit and lets it grow.

10. Understand Social Security

It’s always better to understand and know how social security works. Furthermore, you may have to do some research to see how the system works to make the best supporting choices.

Consult an Experienced Social Security Benefits Attorney in Burbank

In addition, you can alternatively approach an experienced and professional Burbank social security benefits attorney. They handle these cases daily and can clearly explain the best tricks for gaining considerable social security benefits.

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