How to Handle a Personal Injury Deposition

Did your lawyer inform you about the scheduled personal injury deposition?

If yes, you probably worry about committing mistakes during the conference and damaging your claim. You thus want to know how to handle a personal injury deposition to prove essential facts and win the settlement.

The good news is that the proceeding isn’t as challenging as you think. While it can affect your case outcome, it’s a relatively easy legal procedure to pass. Read on to know how to handle this pre-trial step.

Understanding the Personal Injury Deposition

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The personal injury deposition is a part of the fact-gathering phase during the pre-trial settlement. It will seek to establish relevant points about your claim, like:

  • The defendant’s negligence
  • Proof that the defendant’s negligence caused your injuries
  • The extent of your injury
  • Your injury-related financial losses like lost income and treatment costs

This procedure will require you and the defendant to attend a conference and provide truthful statements in front of the opposing parties. The legal representatives from both parties will also discuss the presented points and ask questions to you and the defendant.

For example, you have to testify how you got your injuries, and the opposing party may question your statements. Your legal counsel will then depose the opposition to prove your points.

Moreover, the entire proceedings will be documented in audio, video, and transcribed records. To support your claim, you can use these documents to study the presented points during the proceeding. Your attorney may also provide copies of these documents to the other party upon request.

Tips for Efficiently Handling a Personal Injury Deposition

A deposition is successful if you efficiently prove the vital facts about your claim, like the information mentioned above. You should thus remember these points when attending this legal conference:

1. Consult with Your Personal Injury Lawyer


Hiring a Burbank personal injury lawyer is crucial for efficiently handling all legal proceedings to win your claim. And they can help you prepare for a deposition by instructing you on what to say during the conference.

For example, they can prepare a list of possible questions from the other party and instruct you on how to respond to each point.

Moreover, your legal counsel can defend your claim from the opposition and efficiently prove your case. They will also prepare sufficient evidence to present during the conference.

2. Study Your Case

With your legal representative, thoroughly review your claim to provide the best testimonies at the conference. Focus on proving how you got your injuries and connecting it to the defendant’s negligence. Also, prepare other essential information like:

Describing the extent of your injuries, like if it causes you excessive pain or limited movements
Required treatments and their costs
Your employment information and income

3. Stay Calm

General negligence injuries

Always stay calm during the proceeding so you can think and respond clearly. While you may feel frustrated about your injury situation, extreme emotions can push you to release statements that can damage your claim.

For example, you may give exaggerated statements about your injury symptoms. Now, remember that you should always be truthful during the conference, so false statements about your symptoms may damage your case.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Burbank to Handle a Deposition Efficiently

The personal injury deposition is one of the first legal proceedings you must pass during the pre-trial settlement. And the statements you will provide during the conference can significantly affect your claim outcomes.

You should thus thoroughly prepare for the injury deposition and know how to handle the process efficiently. A professional Burbank personal injury lawyer will guide you through the proceeding and help you win your case.

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