I Got Hit By A Truck in Burbank. What Do I Need To Know?

hit by truck

Did you that about 3000 truck accidents occur in the US a year, leading to the death of about 200-300 drivers? Did you know that the state of California itself witnesses about 113 fatal truck crashes a year?
The large size and weight of trucks make it difficult for truck drivers to stop on time. Besides, they also need more space to stop. Combined with driver fatigue and reckless driving, their negligence can lead to unsafe driving and consequent accidents.

Truck accidents are more destructive than other auto accidents. Thus those involved are more likely to suffer from severe injuries and possible death.
However, it’s not always the truck driver who is at fault. Some truck accidents are a consequence of the negligence of passenger vehicle drivers.
That’s why you need to know what to do if you get involved in a truck accident. You are entitled to receive compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
You, however, have to prove that it was the truck driver’s negligence that led to the accident, which isn’t easy. Hiring a Burbank auto accident lawyer to initiate the claim will help with your investigations.
However, hiring an attorney is not the first course of action to take. Here’s what you need to do immediately after the truck accident.

  • Seek Immediate Assistance


You need to seek immediate medical assistance, especially if someone’s injured. Call emergency responders for help if the truck is on the road or has caused severe property damage.

  • Collect Evidence at the Accident Scene

If you weren’t hurt, start gathering any useful pieces of evidence. You can have your attorney do it on your behalf if you are seriously injured. The evidence collected will help while making claims against the guilty party.
Click photographs of the accident scene, and collect witness statements, police reports, and everyone’s contact details. Your lawyer may need to interview witnesses, which is when the contact information will prove helpful.
You are lucky if the accident spot has traffic or business camera video surveillance or dash cameras. The video recording provides strong evidence to back your claim.

  • Check Road Conditions


It’s sometimes difficult to determine who’s responsible for the accident. You will have to assess the scene further to find out if you are also at fault.
Road conditions like construction, deteriorating roads, weather, and slick surfaces do increase accident risks. Both you and the truck driver will have difficulty controlling your vehicles in these situations.
However, any video recording proving the at-fault party will help with your claim process.

  • Exchange Contact Information

Make sure you exchange contact information with the other driver. Exchange your names, addresses, policy numbers, driving license number, and additional relevant information.
You may need it for your insurance claim to hold the other insurance company responsible for paying damages.

  • The Claim Filing Process

According to California’s statute of limitations, you have two years after the date of the accident to make a claim. The limit may be extended up to three years if there’s property damage.
So make sure you start your claim process well before the time limit. You don’t want the judge dismissing the entire case without looking at it.

  • Calculate Total Damages Incurred


Calculate all damages incurred before claiming your compensation. Your lawyer will help you ensure you include all expenses like medical bills, lost wages, and future medical treatment costs.
It’s only after making these calculations that you know how much you need to recover from the incident thoroughly.
You may feel that you can claim compensation for the truck accident on your own. However, it’s always better to have an experienced auto accident attorney in Burbank help you.
They know the laws well and can use them to maximize the possible compensation you deserve. You can, in the meantime, focus on what’s more important, your complete recovery.

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