Will I Receive Workers’ Compensation If I Collapse at Work?

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Losing consciousness is common for workers and may happen because of different reasons like exhaustion and pre-existing health problems. However, fainting could also be a sign of a workplace ailment, and collapsing on a hard surface may cause injuries.

You may thus wonder if you can claim workers’ compensation after fainting in the workplace.

It is difficult to answer this question as different factors may affect your eligibility for injury benefits. For example, the insurance provider would consider if work-related factors or a pre-existing health issue caused your loss of consciousness.

So, read on and know if you may claim workers’ comp after passing out in the workplace.

Factors to Consider When Claiming Benefits After Fainting in the Workplace

Two primary factors may affect your eligibility for workers’ comp after collapsing at work.

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1. Reason for Fainting

It is crucial to find out why you collapsed at work, as your injury must result from work-related activities to qualify for benefits. Examples are when you lose consciousness because:

  • Exposure to a toxic substance in the workplace
  • Your boss pushed you to work for long hours without breaks
  • You experienced heatstroke after working under extreme heat

On the other hand, you may not qualify if you fainted because of non-work-related factors. An example is collapsing because of pre-existing health problems like anemia and diabetes.

However, a skilled lawyer may prove that workplace factors aggravated your pre-existing condition and that you deserve compensation. An example is fainting because workplace exhaustion triggered your medical issue.

It is thus crucial to hire a Burbank workers’ compensation attorney to prove why you collapsed.

2. Injuries You Sustained from Passing Out

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You may qualify for compensation if you sustain injuries after fainting, as losing consciousness may lead to hazardous situations like:

  • Falling on the floor or other hard surface
  • Falling from an elevated area like when working on the roof
  • Losing control over a vehicle or heavy machinery you were operating

These circumstances may lead to minor bruises and wounds or severe injuries like:

  • Head trauma
  • Bone fracture and dislocation
  • Spine damage

In most cases, if you get severe injuries, the reason for fainting wouldn’t matter when claiming benefits. However, you must have performed work-related activities during the incident to qualify.

What to Do If You Collapse in the Workplace

Here are the vital steps to remember if you pass out at work:

1. Consult a Doctor Immediatelymedical

Seek immediate medical attention after collapsing, whether in the workplace or not. A physician could help:

  • Evaluate your overall health to provide proper treatment as fainting could be a symptom of an underlying medical issue
  • Prove the reason why you collapsed
  • Check and treat the injuries sustained after collapsing
  • Release medical documents to support your benefits claim

2. Hire a Reliable Lawyer

Remember to prove the points mentioned above when claiming workers’ comp. It is always better to consult a reliable legal representative to handle your complex case.

A skilled Burbank workers’ compensation attorney could prove you must receive compensation regardless of why you fainted in the workplace. They will also calculate the benefits you deserve, significantly if you were injured from the incident.

Consult a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Burbank If You Collapse in the Workplace


Claiming workers’ compensation after fainting at work is an excellent option, especially if you need the money to cover medical expenses. However, it is challenging as you need to prove some vital facts to support your case.

Hiring a Burbank workers’ compensation attorney helps you successfully claim benefits after collapsing in the workplace.

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