Who Is Liable for Slipping on a Wet Floor?

slip and fall accidents

Slipping on a wet floor is not only embarrassing, but it can cause injuries too.

However, do you know that you can claim compensation for slip and fall accidents in California? This is especially true if you sustain injuries and can prove somebody’s failure to handle the wet floor.

However, you must first prove somebody liable for your particular case. That’s when you must consult a Burbank personal injury lawyer to clarify your situation and file a claim.

Premises Liability Law in California

slip and fall accidents

You must first understand that the Premises Liability Law applies when you slip on a wet floor in a particular property. And you sustain injuries because of an accident due to a dangerous condition in the place.

However, you must prove that the property owner or operator was negligent in addressing such hazards that significantly contributed to the accident.

In this case, elements of negligence may include:

  • The owner or operator creates a dangerous condition. For example, they mopped the floor and didn’t place a wet floor sign.
  • Failure to conduct a thorough inspection of the property leads to dangerous conditions.
  • Failure to solve or fix the dangerous condition on their property

Moreover, remember that the liable party doesn’t have to be the property owner. Even the person managing or maintaining the property at the time of the accident will be held accountable.

Proving Negligence When You Slipped on a Wet Floor

As mentioned above, you can file a personal injury claim when somebody’s negligence caused you to slip on a wet floor. To prove such negligence, consider these points:

1. Cause of the Wet Floor

slip and fall accidents

The cause of the wet floor can prove negligence on the owner or operator of the property.

For instance, a wet floor in a restaurant resulted from an ongoing pipe leak. The management is accountable if they didn’t apply enough steps to control the cause of the leak.

2. How Long Did the Floor Stay Wet before the Accident

You must know how long the water was on the floor before you slipped on it. It can prove that the owner or operator had enough time to clean it up.

You can prove negligence if they haven’t cleaned the floor when they could.

For example, you slipped on the floor because a customer had spilled their soda. If you fall right after the customer spilled their drinks, the management isn’t liable. That’s because they didn’t have enough time to clean the spill before an accident could happen.

However, you can hold the management accountable if the spill was on the floor for a few hours before you slipped.

3. Absence of a Wet Floor Sign


The presence of wet floor signs in the area where you slip can affect your claim.

Property owners and operators can leave a floor wet for a while if they place the right sign nearby. For example, placing a sign just after mopping the floor or controlling the water source.

These factors can help you determine if the owner or operator of the property is liable for the slip and fall accident.

Taking pictures of the area right after the accident helps support your case. You can also ask for a video copy of surveillance cameras on the property or get statements from witnesses.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney in Burbank to Know Who is Liable

The property owner or operator is likely to deny their negligence that caused your slip and fall accident.

That’s why you must ask help from a Burbank personal injury lawyer to file your case. They help you determine the rightful compensation for your injuries as well.

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