Five Common Manufacturing Employee Ergonomic Injuries

ergonomic injuries

Working in a manufacturing facility exposes you to different injury risks like electrocution, slip and fall, and even amputation.

However, not all work-related injuries are traumatic, as some result from poor workplace ergonomics. These conditions occur when working in an environment that forces you to perform with constant body overexertion or improper posture.

Ergonomic injuries can cause debilitating pain and limitations that drastically affect your life.

So, know more about the most common ergonomic injuries in manufacturing facilities. You should also know about claiming workers’ compensation benefits after sustaining a work-related ergonomic injury.

Ergonomic Injuries to Avoid While Working in a Manufacturing Facility

lower back pain

1. Lower Back Pain

Workers may sustain lower back pain because of ergonomic issues like sitting on an uncomfortable chair for long hours each day.

While back discomforts are sometimes manageable, they can also worsen and cause debilitating pain and movement problems.

2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This injury occurs when inflamed muscles or tendons compress the median nerve in the carpal tunnel of your palm. It often results from overexerting too much pressure or constant and repetitive action of the wrist or hand.

An example is frequently lifting heavy objects without using equipment like carts.

Common carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms include:

  • Tingling sensation
  • Numbness
  • Weakening of the hand

3. Neck and Shoulder Injuries

chronic pain

Manufacturing facility workers are prone to neck and shoulder injuries when they lift heavy objects over their neck or head. It may also result from poor posture, especially from constantly elevating the arms and shoulders.

Some of the most common neck and shoulder injuries include:

  • Strain and sprain
  • Rotator cuff syndrome
  • Bone fracture and dislocation

4. Tendinitis

Tendinitis is tendon inflammation that can occur on different body parts but usually affects the arms, legs, and hips. Tendons are soft tissues that connect the muscles to the bones and may sustain damage because of overexertion.

5. Tennis Elbow

tennis elbow

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is tendonitis that affects the tendons connecting the lower arm muscles to the bones. It results from excessive stress because of arm and elbow overuse, which causes swelling and small tears on the tendons.

Common tennis elbow symptoms are:

  • Elbow pain and tenderness
  • Radiating pain in the lower and upper arm
  • Further discomforts when performing hand activities

Claiming Workers’ Compensation for Ergonomic Injuries

Work injury

You may claim workers’ comp benefits if you sustain workplace ergonomic injuries. However, as it’s challenging to prove your condition, it’s better to hire a Burbank workers’ compensation attorney to handle your case.

Moreover, remembering these points help support your claim:

  1. You must prove that you sustained a workplace injury despite following company safety protocols. The insurance carrier may deny your claim if they find out you neglected your safety while working.
  2. Seek immediate medical intervention after sustaining a workplace injury and secure a medical report from your physician. For ergonomic injuries that accumulate over time, consult a doctor when you notice the first symptom. Delaying medical evaluation makes your injury seem insignificant and can damage your claim.
  3. Collect additional evidence to prove the extent of your workplace injury. Medical tests may fail to show ergonomic injury symptoms, like debilitating pain. So, gather witness statements from your family and coworkers to prove your suffering. Medicine receipts also verify you are undergoing treatment.

Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Burbank for Workplace Ergonomic Injuries

Work injury

Workplace ergonomic injuries may cause debilitating pain and limitations. Manufacturing companies and their employers should thus improve workplace conditions to prevent health problems and workplace injuries.

You should also claim compensation if you sustain work-related ergonomic injuries. A professional Burbank workers’ compensation attorney will prove your condition and help you win your claim.

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