Can My Children Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

social security disability benefits

Caring for a child with disabilities is challenging because you need to give extra time and effort to meet their needs. You may also have to spend a significant amount on their treatments, medications, unique education materials, and assistive devices.

Thus, you may wonder if you can receive financial help through Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)?

How can your child qualify for these programs?

This quick guide will help you through the disability benefits application for your child.

Determining Disability for SSA Benefits


Your child should satisfy the Social Security Administration (SSA) disability requirements to qualify for benefits. The SSA uses these requirements to determine the disability of a person:

  • A person’s physical or mental disability severely limits their functionalities. For example, their condition makes it difficult or impossible to attend regular school.
  • The disability should last for more than a year or be life-threatening.
  • The disability makes a person unable to earn above the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) rate each month. The SGA rate for 2022 is $2,260 for blind people and $1,350 for people who are not blind.

Hire a reliable Burbank Social Security benefits attorney to prove your child’s condition to the SSA.

Enrolling Your Child in SSI or SSDI Benefits

The SSA has two primary programs that provide disability benefits, and you can apply for both for your child.

1. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

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The SSI is a program that provides financial benefits for disabled people who cannot earn enough income. The good thing about SSI is anybody can apply regardless of age and work credits. And you may apply for SSI on behalf of your child who is 18 years old or below.

Your child may qualify if they meet the SSA disability requirements. You only need to visit your local SSA office and fill in a Child Disability Report.

The document will ask for your child’s medical, education, and employment details. You also need to attach supporting documents like your child’s treatment, diagnosis, and medical reports.

2. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

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In general, SSDI benefits are for employees who have earned enough work credits. However, your child may also enjoy SSDI benefits under your employment records if your situation meets any of these points:

  • You are receiving SSDI benefits
  • You are receiving Social Security retirement benefits
  • After your death

Moreover, your child must satisfy the SSA disability requirement and is 18 years old or below.

They will undergo a reevaluation step once they turn 18. Adult children who are 18 years old or above may also enjoy SSDI benefits if they meet these requirements:

  • Satisfy the SSA disability qualifications
  • Have acquired their disability before turning 22 years old
  • Still in elementary or high school if they are 19 years old
  • Not married

Your child with a disability may receive half of the amount of the benefits you get from the SSDI program. And they may continue receiving financial support for a lifetime.

Child Benefits Application Denial

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There could be a few valid reasons for your application to be denied, like having insufficient medical documents.

Fortunately, you may still appeal the SSA decision by filing a reconsideration request within 60 days after receiving the denial notice. Consult a Burbank Social Security benefits attorney to optimize your appeal and get the benefits your child deserves.

Hire a Social Security Benefits Lawyer in Burbank for Your Child’s Benefits

The child disability benefits application is a challenging and complex process. However, you want to get the best help for your child while they handle their disabilities.

So, call a Burbank Social Security benefits attorney to help you throughout the application.

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