Is My Employer Liable If I Get Sick With COVID-19 at Work?


Workers’ compensation covers all work-related injuries for all workers in California.

However, you may wonder if it covers COVID-19 cases, especially since it’s difficult to prove that you got infected at the workplace?

What should you remember when claiming workers’ comp for COVID-19 infection?

Read on to know what to do in that situation; you can have the best Burbank workers’ compensation lawyer help you.

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover COVID-19 Infection?


In general, workers’ comp only covers work-related injuries and diseases.

It doesn’t apply to sickness that people naturally get anywhere, like flu, cough, and common colds. You can only ask for paid sick leave in that situation if you need to take a few days off from work.

However, COVID-19 infection is not like the ordinary flu, and it can lead to severe symptoms and even death. Besides, it is a significant concern that affects millions of people worldwide.

And there is a good chance of exposing yourself to COVID-19 at the workplace if you go to work every day. That can make your employer liable when you acquire COVID-19 infection.

You only have to successfully prove that your COVID-19 infection is work-related to claim compensation. You can also claim death benefits for a loved one who passed away because of work-related COVID-19.

How to File Workers’ Compensation for COVID-19 Infection

As mentioned above, it’s possible to get compensations for work-related COVID-19 cases. Remember these points to guide you:

1. Seek Medical Attention

medical bills

You must first consult a physician about your condition. They will help control the infection in your body and can prove that you have COVID-19.

Keep all medical records from your doctor, like medical reports, diagnosis, prescribed medicines, and recommended treatment. You will need them while filing a case.

2. Start the Filing Process

Start the workers’ comp filing process as soon as possible by asking for the correct form from your employer.

Fill the employee’s part of the document and indicate “COVID-19” in the injury section. Pass the form to your employer so they can supply further details.

Your employer will submit the completed form to their workers’ comp insurance provider.

3. The Insurer Will Conduct an Investigation


Your employer’s insurance carrier will investigate your claim to check if you deserve the compensation. This step is where you can prove that your sickness is work-related too.

However, be careful when talking with insurance adjusters because they want to prove you don’t deserve the settlement. It is better to hire a Burbank workers’ compensation lawyer and let them talk with the adjusters.

4. Collect Your Settlement or Handle a Claim Denial

The insurer will decide if they will release your settlement or not.

It’s great if you can collect the compensation at this point. However, you need to file a case to the workers’ comp board if the insurer denies your claim.

Proving that Your COVID-19 Infection Is Work-Related


The insurer will try to prove that you got infected outside the workplace.

What you can do is show a higher risk of being infected at work than from other places you go each day. That’s possible when your job requires a lot of physical interaction.

You can also support your claim if your workplace has a high count of COVID-19 cases among workers.

However, the best option is to hire a professional workers’ comp lawyer to help prove your case and give you your best compensation.

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Burbank for Work-Related COVID-19 Infection


Workers’ comp is helpful when you get COVID-19 infection at the workplace and can cover your treatment expenses and lost income because of the disease.

A competent Burbank workers’ compensation lawyer can prove that you got the virus from the workplace. That’s the best step towards getting the rightful compensation while you recover.

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