Why Is My Social Security Benefits Lawyer Ignoring Me?


After thinking it over for days, you’ve finally decided to hire and have a social security benefits lawyer. You decide it’ll make things less complicating for you, and you have a meeting with them.
Things turn out pretty well.
You’ve explained your circumstances, and they have listened to your case. You were happy with the lawyer and the outcome of the meeting. And thus sign a contingency fee, and instruct the lawyer to take care of the legalities.
It’s only after some time that you realize that there’s been no communication from your lawyer. You call up, send emails and leave messages, but to no avail.
This makes you wonder why your social security benefits lawyer is ignoring you. The problem is that the lawyer may not be ignoring you.
Are you puzzled?
Read on, and you’ll know why.

7 Top Reasons for Your Lawyer’s Silence

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It may not be that your lawyer is ignoring you. Here are seven common reasons for your lawyer to be quiet and not respond.

1. You Aren’t the Client

Suppose you are calling on behalf of your husband.
And it was he who signed the contingency fee agreement.
In that case, you don’t have the right to talk to them on your husband’s behalf. After all, lawyers follow their attorney-client privileges rather diligently.

2. You Aren’t Following His Advice

Your lawyer will likely ignore you if they suggest that you do A, but you instead opt to B. There’s no point in their spending more time on you or your case if you won’t listen to their advice. They thus don’t see any reason to waste time discussing things with you.

3. No Deadlines Coming Up and Nothing to Report

This is the most common reason for your attorney not answering your calls. They have other cases to attend to, and there are no major changes in your claim process to report.

4. No Time

no time

Of course, lawyers are pretty busy and don’t necessarily have any free time. They have an office to run and other more important cases to handle.

5. Attending Other Cases

This is again related to the above point. They have more important cases to attend to, which require their immediate attention. They will, however, revert or catch up with you if and when there’s something in your case to report.

6. Personal Issues

Your social security benefits lawyer in Burbank is also a human being. And they likely have some personal issues going on just like anyone.
They may have some personal problems like a divorce or marriage in the family. Or they may have some significant events to manage or attend, like out-of-town conferences or games.
Of course, while lawyers do have the liberty of personal grace. It shouldn’t affect their work. So it’s okay if they do all of this only AFTER ensuring there’s nothing urgent with your case.

7. There’s Bad News

The last reason for your attorney not answering your calls is maybe because they had done something wrong.
And they don’t want to talk to you about it.
It could be that they had missed a filing deadline.
And don’t know how to confess their error.
While this isn’t a legitimate reason to ignore your calls, it can happen.

You Never Will Know Until They Respond


To send a certified letter to their office if your Burbank social security benefits attorney isn’t communicating. The letter should ask why they have been ignoring you and that you plan to find a new lawyer if necessary.
This will make them respond.
They will either say that you two aren’t a match and that you can and should look for a new lawyer.
Or they will start being more communicative and answer your calls.
In case you get their attention, and you decide to continue using their services. It’s better to do so only after coming up with a communication protocol you both are okay with.
And it’s always better to work with an experienced Burbank social security benefits lawyer. They are least likely to ignore you. If for some reason, they can’t attend to you immediately, they will get back as soon as possible.

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