What Is My Workers’ Compensation Case Worth?

workers compensation

You probably wonder how much you can get from your workers’ compensation case in California. After all, that is helpful to cover some expenses after sustaining a work-related injury.

The best step to do is connect with a Burbank workers’ compensation lawyer for more information. However, you can also read on to get an idea of the amount you can get from your case.

How Much Worker’s Compensation Can You Get after Your Case?

benefitsIt is difficult to determine the amount you deserve from your workers’ comp case.

That’s because of the different considerations that determine the compensation you deserve. You can’t even compare with another person who has sustained the same injury to you.

That’s why talking with the right lawyer for professional advice helps. Present all the relevant details and factors about your case to your attorney, so they can gauge the compensations you deserve.

What Compensations Are You Entitled to Receive

There are a few types of compensation you can receive from a case. You can get one or a few, depending on your unique case.

1. Medical Coverage

This compensation covers all injury-related expenses like:

  • Medical Evaluation
  • Treatment and Therapies
  • Drug prescriptions
  • Surgery
  • Medical Aid Devices
  • Reimbursement for Traveling to Medical Appointments
  • Future medical expenses

2. Temporary Disability Payments

Next, you’re also entitled to get around 2/3 of your wages while you can’t go to work because of your injury. Depending on your disability, it can be anywhere between 4 to 104 weeks’ wages.

However, you are liable to receive temporary disability payments for up to 240 weeks if you suffer from any of these:

  • Chronic Pulmonary or Lung Disease
  • Particular Eye Injuries
  • Amputation
  • Severe Burns
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B or C

Talk with your workers’ comp attorney to know the temporary disability payment settlement you deserve.

3. Permanent Disability Payments

workers compensation

These benefits cover permanent symptoms or disabilities that result from your work-related injuries. That is especially for disabilities that affect your abilities to do your work or to find another job.

The compensation amount you deserve depends on your score in the permanent disability (PD) rating. It also indicates how long you will receive your weekly payments.

The PD rating considers the extent of your injury, your age, your occupation, and restrictions from your doctor when determining your score.

4. Life Pension

You’re entitled to receive a lifetime pension if you have a severe disability of about 70 to 99% in the PD rating.

This workers’ comp is a small add-on to the permanent disability payment. However, you’d be receiving it each week for a lifetime.

5. Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits

workers compensation

This compensation applies when you can’t return to your previous job, but you can still work at another job.

For example, you previously worked in a construction site. You then get a work-related leg injury which makes you unable to return to work. That’s when you should look for a less physically demanding job.

Your benefits also cover tuition, books, and other expenses incurred while preparing for a job that suits your limitations and capabilities.

6. Death Benefits

If a worker dies because of work-related injuries, their family is entitled to receive death benefit compensations. That includes funeral and burial costs, among other benefits.

Can I Get Compensations for the Pain and Suffering I’ve Experienced?


In the context of compensation claims, pain and suffering refer to the physical and psychological distress that you experience.

Unfortunately, workers’ comp in California doesn’t cover pain and suffering. What you should do is focus on the compensation types mentioned above.

Get Advice from the Best Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Burbank

Workers’ comp isn’t that easy to estimate because it is unique for each case. That’s why if you want to know what your case is worth, connect with a reliable workers’ compensation attorney today.

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