I Need Help…DO I need to Hire a Burbank Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Did someone hurt you?

Did the injury seem minor at first, but with bills piling up, you wonder what to do?

Don’t think that the insurance companies will be fair with you with their compensation. Their focus lies in making money and not compensating you. Besides, saying the wrong things to them can get you in trouble. You also risk signing away your rights by signing in the wrong places.

You can’t even go to work because of your injuries, and there are the lost wages. With your life and well-being spiraling out of control, you finally wonder if you need help.

You wonder if consulting a Burbank personal injury attorney can help you get back on your feet again.

The answer is yes. An expert and experienced personal injury lawyer can turn your life around. They know the laws and can help get you your rightful compensation.

When You Should Consult a Lawyer

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Here are some scenarios where you should consult an attorney:

  • Severe injuries

The amount you stand to receive through your personal injury compensation depends on the severity of your injuries.

Insurance companies calculate based on the injury type, your medical bills, and your recovery time. You may end up reaching the at-fault party’s insurance policy limits as your potential compensation increases.

In this case, the insurance company will pay only a fraction of what you deserve.

However, things can be different if you hire a personal injury attorney. They will help ensure you receive the total compensation amount you are entitled to.

  • Multiple parties involved

It’s always better to consult an attorney if multiple parties are liable for your injuries. It’s because the claim process can get complicated when the liability is not clear.

Remember, the settlement amount reduces if many people were injured. There is also the chance of your being the subject of other parties’ insurance claims. You may thus end up receiving a lower settlement offer.

Or you may not even receive anything because you were partially at fault for the accident. A competent lawyer can use the right laws to protect you against counterclaims the other involved parties make.

  • The insurance company refuses to pay

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Hire a lawyer if the insurance company refuses to make a fair settlement or even pay anything at all. Personal injury lawyers handle insurance companies on an everyday basis. They know how to negotiate and prove that you deserve your compensation.

  • Suffering a permanently disabling injury

You need an attorney’s immediate help if your injuries require long-term care or if you have permanent disabilities. An experienced lawyer can estimate how much you may need in the future for treating your injuries. They will accordingly try to claim enough compensation for all present bills and future expenses.

  • Hidden injuries

There is a chance that you suffered from injuries that you weren’t aware of at the time of the accident. Personal injury lawyers in Burbank know how much you will have to spend to treat the injury.

They also know how much mental pain and suffering you may go through and have to treat. They can use their expertise to help you claim for these added expenses.

How to Hire Your Burbank Personal Injury Lawyer

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Contact a reputable attorney immediately if your situation is similar to any one of the scenarios mentioned above.

They will represent your interests while negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Besides, there are so many rules and guidelines to follow if you file a personal injury claim.

Your attorney will ensure you don’t lose out on your rightfully deserved compensation because of some paperwork errors. They will file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf and represent you at court while you focus on recovering.

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