Ten Things You Need to Know If You’re Involved in an Auto Accident in Burbank


Imagine it’s your best friend’s farewell party, and you are having a great time. You remain sober because you have a long drive home and don’t want to get involved in accidents.
You are slowly driving home and are at an intersection when suddenly a car jumps a red light.
End up in a collision, are severely injured, and don’t know what to do.
Not knowing what to do can be the biggest mistake to make if involved in an auto accident in Burbank.
You can end up losing on your rightfully deserved compensation for no fault of yours. Knowing what to do can help you claim for all the expenses, pain, and suffering endured.

Here’s What You Need to Do If Involved in a Car Wreck

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  • Stay Calm

Do not panic.
Instead, remain calm enough to think clearly. Check to ensure everyone else involved is okay.

  • Call the Relevant Authorities

Next, call the police if someone is hurt and there’s substantial damage to cars and property. The officer will write out an accident report; get a copy for your records.

  • Seek Medical Attention

Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries.
Even though you may feel you are okay, the symptoms of some injuries appear after a few days. Visiting your doctor immediately after the accident helps your doctor diagnose these problems and provide the necessary treatment.
Besides, you jeopardize your claim if you have injuries but don’t seek medical help within a stipulated amount of time.

  • Take Photographs for Proof

Take pictures of the accident scene for proof of what happened.
Document the damages incurred to all vehicles.
Now move your vehicles and yourself away from traffic. It’s for safety reasons and to minimize the chances of further injuries. You can have the passers-by or witnesses help you with this.

  • Exchange Information

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Exchange your personal information like name, contact details, and insurance company with the other drivers. Always verify the information they share because some people provide false information and disappear.
Don’t forget to collect the contact information of witnesses.

  • Do Not Admit to Anything

Sometimes you may feel that you are responsible for the accident, but in reality, it’s not. So don’t admit blame and apologize until your insurance company and attorney examine the police report and accident photos.

  • Inform Your Insurance Company and the Motor Vehicle Department

Notify your auto insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. You also have to notify the DMV within ten days if an accident occurs and death, injury, or more than $750 in property damage.

  • Keep Note of Medical and Accident Details

Keep a note of all your doctor’s visits and medications. Maintain a diary of details like what happened in the accident, whatever you feel, and how long you missed work.
Your records will help if you forget some essential details with time.

  • Have Discussions Only with the Right People

Discuss the accident details only with your Burbank auto accident attorney, police officer, and insurance company.
Discussing with anyone else and saying something inaccurate compromises your ability to file a claim. And always say you are unsure of any question you aren’t entirely sure about.

  • Do Not Sign Documents

Insurance companies don’t have your interests in mind. They want to settle for as little as possible and will try to convince you to oblige. They may make offers to save themselves money.
So do not sign anything without your auto accident attorney’s consent.

Trust Your Auto Accident Attorney in Burbank

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After going through the trauma of a horrifying car wreck, you may find it challenging to focus on legal work and the claim process. You have more to worry about, like the recovery, expenses, and all the pain and suffering.
This is when you should hire and trust an experienced attorney.
They will ensure you receive your deserved medical care and help maximize the lawsuit compensation recovery you stand to receive. Remember, while staying sober helps you while driving, knowing what to do after an accident helps you even more!

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