Do Not Make These Three Mistakes after a Burbank Auto Accident

car accident

Accidents can turn your life around.
You may end up with a fractured hand, leg, or a significant concussion.
You are usually in so much pain with your injuries; you don’t know what to do next.
The only thing you know is the bills you have to pay and the pain and suffering.
In the midst of all this, focusing on the next course of action is the least of your priorities.
It, in the process, often leads to your making these avoidable three mistakes.

1. Admitting Fault

auto accident

With so many people asking you for the auto accident details, you try your best to answer them. However, no matter what you say, don’t make the mistake of admitting fault.
You don’t know what had happened, and you may accept blame for an accident you didn’t cause. In this case, your admitting fault only hurts your case and claim.

Even if the other driver had contributed more to the accident, your admission makes it difficult to get your rightfully deserved compensation.
Even comments like ‘I looked down only for a second’ or ‘I tried slowing down’ can harm your claim. They are what the insurance company looks out for to reduce their liability to pay you as little as possible.
The only situation where you can admit fault is if you are 100% sure you were the only person to blame. But always first consult with an auto accident attorney in Burbank before accepting the claim.

2. Not Collecting Vital Evidence

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There’s so much confusion after a car wreck, making the police want to clear the scene quickly. However, you need to try and collect some evidence before this. This evidence proves vital and can help you if you file a lawsuit.

  • Collect the names, contact information, and statements from any witnesses. Do this quickly, as most witnesses will soon leave the scene.
  • Collect the other driver’s contact information. And details like a license plate, phone and driver’s license numbers, and insurance company name and policy number.
  • Ask the police officer for a copy of the accident report and possibly, their badge number.
  • Take photos of the accident scene using your phone camera. Also, take pictures of the damage to the cars and the injuries sustained.
  • Journaling your pain, injuries, and treatment over the days will also prove helpful in your claim process. Journals tracking the damage effects like pain extent, movement restrictions, and relationship impacts prove the effects of the injuries on your life.

3. Quickly Agreeing to a Settlement


You are in dire need of money to pay your rising bills and the lost wages. So it’s not surprising that you leap and agree to the first settlement the insurance company offers.
However, doing this can be a massive mistake.

The only person benefitting from your actions is the insurance company.
They play on human psychology and know that you are in deep financial stress. So they use this to their advantage by making a quick, minimal offer which they hope you agree to.

Fast settlements are never complete settlements. And you can’t reopen the case once you accept it and sign on the dotted line.
You usually accept a quick settlement because you think that you know how much you need. However, you may forget to include possible future expenses in the list, proving expensive to you.
That’s where your Burbank auto accident attorney can help you. They will calculate to find out how much you will need to recover entirely from the injuries.

This includes the costs for future treatments, physical therapy, medications, pain, and suffering endured and lost wages. Your attorney will also be able to claim compensation for damages incurred to your vehicle if you have the proof.
In short, consulting with an auto accident attorney in Burbank helps you a lot. They take care of the legal process while you recover, and help ensure you don’t make these three vital mistakes.

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