Personal Injury: What You Need To Know About Concussions


So you were heading home from work, minding your own business, and getting off the train.

Suddenly a fellow passenger in a hurry appears from nowhere.

He pushes you so hard that you end up falling, with your head knocking on the footpath.

Bystanders rushed you to the hospital with traumatic brain injuries, which may lead to severe life repercussions.

You have suffered from a personal injury called a concussion.

You are not alone.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States reported 61,000 TBI-related deaths, with about 166 deaths per day.

The good news is that this is a personal injury, and you can claim compensation for your sufferings. Read on to learn more.

What Is a Concussion?

concussion impact

Concussions are generally caused by a blow to the head and affect brain functions. It can affect you emotionally and physically through bruises. And in some cases may also affect your sleep and cognitive abilities.

While cognitive symptoms are usually temporary, they may sometimes lead to the following problems:

  • Reduced Memory Spans

You may not recall the events that occurred before the concussion. You may forget whatever happened in the moments just after or before it. This is an extensive yet uncommon form of amnesia.

  • Hampered Concentration Levels

The adverse effect of concussions reduces your concentration levels. You end up finding it difficult to focus on your day-to-day tasks.

  • Persistent Headache

A persistent headache is the most common symptom of concussions. There may be some discomfort due to the increased pressure in the head or even headaches after a concussion.

  • Lack of Coordination and Balance

You may find it difficult to walk or eat on your own, which in turn hampers your body’s coordination and balance.

Are Concussions Serious Brain Injuries?

brain injury

Blurred vision, light sensitivity, nausea, fatigue, vertigo, and ringing ears are common physical concussion symptoms. Most concussions with these symptoms are temporary and not life-threatening. Hence, they are considered to be non-serious or ‘mild’ brain injuries.

However, it can also end up being a severe brain injury with long-term consequences. That’s why you will be hospitalized and kept under observation for 24-hours to check if the symptoms worsen or not.

It’s only if your doctor agrees that you can take a rest and be under observation at home.

What Are the Potential Danger Signs of Concussion?

Concussions can lead to hematoma in few cases due to ruptured blood vessels and blood pooling inside the brain. The blood pool strains the brain and, in turn, leads to severe injuries.

Some of the signs of hematoma are:

  • Persistent headache which intensifies with time
  • One eye pupil become noticeably more significant than the other
  • Continuous vomiting or nausea with involuntary convulsions
  • Difficulty in waking up

How Much Compensation Can a Burbank Personal Injury Attorney Claim for a Concussion Case?


Your attorney could file for personal injury and sue if the concussion was due to someone else’s mistake. The concussion compensation lawsuit average value settles at $20,000 to $80,000 for non-serious cases.

It can increase much more in case of serious injuries.

How Do You Prove That You Suffer a Concussion Due to Some Other’s Negligence?

The problem, however, is that there is no definitive test to prove if you are suffering from a concussion. The only way to prove it is by identifying its danger signals.

So you need your doctor’s medical records to prove your physical examination, symptoms, and circumstances. Along with the report, you need the help and guidance of an expert Burbank personal injury lawyer to prove your case.

A professional attorney will present the case facts more substantially by including all the legal aspects. And in the process, increase the chances of your receiving compensation for your claims.

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