Do I Have to Be Physically Injured in a Car Accident to Get Compensation?

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Car accident victims claim injury compensation to cover their medical expenses. However, some people do not sustain physical injuries after a car crash.

Now, you may ask if you can still claim compensation if you did not sustain car accident injuries?

If yes, what compensation can you claim from the at-fault party and their insurance provider?

Read on to understand the compensation rights you have in that situation. Hiring a Burbank auto accident attorney also helps you claim rightful benefits, even if you didn’t sustain injuries from a car crash.

Benefits You Can Claim if You Didn’t Sustain Injuries in a Car Crash

Injury compensation is a big help if you sustain physical injuries in an auto accident. However, you may still claim these three compensation types if the accident didn’t physically hurt you:

1. Property Damage

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The at-fault party or their insurance carrier should pay the damages to your car because of the accident. That includes financial support for parts repair or car replacement, whichever is necessary. You may even claim car rental service reimbursement if you need one.

On a side note, you should still keep in touch with the other driver even if your car seemingly has no damage after the accident. The impact may knock off some car parts or functions and cause unnoticeable damage.

It is better to have your car checked first to confirm its condition.

2. Loss Wage and Income Opportunities

Another compensation you can claim is lost wages and income opportunities.

Lost wages cover the days you skip work because of a car accident. For instance, you fail to attend your shift at the time of the accident. Another example is when you need to skip a few days off from work because of psychological trauma.

Lost income opportunities also include the economic improvement you may have missed because of the accident. A good example is missing a job promotion because of a car crash.

3. Emotional Distress

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You may also claim compensation for the trauma you experience because of the car crash.

Though you may not have physical injuries, psychological trauma can severely affect your life, thus affecting your functionality. For example, you may experience anxiety, depression, paranoia, or insomnia because of the accident.

The thing is that you should prove that you indeed experience psychological stress because of the car crash. So, collect evidence like:

  • Psychiatric evaluation or diagnosis
  • Medication bills
  • Witness statement that proves you are indeed emotionally suffering

However, it’s sometimes difficult to prove emotional suffering even after producing evidence. Hiring a reliable Burbank auto accident attorney helps you.

Beware of Delayed Injury Symptoms After an Auto Accident


Delayed injury or symptom is common among car crash victims. They seem perfectly fine for some time after the accident, only to experience mild to severe symptoms later on.

For example, the impact of the car crash may force your neck to jerk in different directions rapidly. You may feel fine right after the car crash, but whiplash injury symptoms may show after a few hours.

That’s why you should never rush a settlement with the other driver. Moreover, get an immediate medical evaluation within 48 hours after the auto accident.

Call an Auto Accident Lawyer in Burbank to Maximize Your Compensation

Car accident compensation can help you whether you sustain an injury or not. You only have to know the benefits you may get to optimize your claim.

Consult a Burbank auto accident attorney to get the compensation you deserve, regardless of whether you have injuries or not.

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