Tips to Recover Financial Benefits after a Chemical Burn Injury

chemical burn injury

Chemical burns could cause devastating injuries that may lead to severe disabilities and health complications. These consequences may result in significant medical expenses and lost wages while recovering.

You must thus know how to claim compensation for chemical burn accidents, especially if it had resulted from somebody’s negligence. The benefits will cover the economic and non-economic problems you incur because of the injuries.

This post explains the vital tips when claiming compensation for chemical burn injuries.

How to Claim Compensation for Chemical Burn Injuries

1. Immediately Visit a Physician

burn injury

It’s vital to seek immediate medical attention to claim financial benefits for any injury. While it helps you get proper treatment and prevent complications, it also helps protect and optimize your case.

Always remember that medical appointment delays give the defendant a chance to damage your case. They may argue that your injury is insignificant, as you didn’t rush to the doctor immediately after the accident.

The thing is that chemical burns occur slowly over a few hours before you notice significant symptoms, like blisters and skin discoloration. So, seek an immediate medical evaluation after chemical exposure, even if you don’t notice severe symptoms.

2. Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

workers' compensation claims

It’s essential to hire a reliable lawyer to claim the rightful compensation, as they could help you by:

  • Thoroughly investigating your case
  • Collecting strong evidence
  • Filing the correct lawsuit
  • Representing you in court
  • Optimizing the compensation amount

A Burbank personal injury lawyer can thus help you get a significant amount as compensation than claiming without legal counsel.

For example, the defendant may offer you a low settlement to pay your current medical bills. However, an attorney will prove that you require further treatment and thus deserve higher compensation.

3. Select a Suitable Claim


There are three possible claims you can file after sustaining chemical burn injuries. Select one that fits your situation, or consult your legal representative for advice.

Product Liability

You may file a product liability claim if defective products, like a damaged chemical container, trigger an injury. However, you must prove that the:

  1. The product’s design is dangerous and should be changed
  2. Manufacturing procedure had caused defects
  3. The product’s label has insufficient warning or usage procedure

Moreover, you must prove you used the product correctly and didn’t modify its composition.

Workers’ Compensation

compensation claim

This claim applies only if you sustain chemical burn injuries in the workplace. You can claim benefits from your employer to cover your medical expenses and lost wages while recovering.

You must also remember that workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. Thus, you don’t need to prove that negligence led to injuries.

On a side note, you can file workers’ comp and product liability claims separately for one injury case. It’s possible when a third-party product causes your workplace injury.

Premises Liability


This claim applies if you sustain injuries because of a property owner or manager’s negligence while you were in their place.

An example is a hazardous cleaning agent falling on you from a shelf at the grocery to cause chemical burn damage on your skin. You can file a claim as the manager failed to secure something dangerous in a safe spot.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Burbank for Your Chemical Burn Injury Case

Receiving the compensation you deserve is a great help while dealing with chemical burn injuries. While it won’t immediately solve your suffering, it relieves the financial worries caused by your condition.

And a Burbank personal injury lawyer will help claim your deserved compensation as your injuries heal.

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