Repetitive Elbow Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

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Some workplace injuries happen because of continuous or repetitive movements while workers do their job.

These injuries are common among workers that require repetitive typing, grasping, and lifting movements in their job. So think of carpenters, auto mechanics, plumbers, and office secretaries, among other workers.

That’s why the best Burbank workers’ compensation lawyer warns you about repetitive elbow injuries. You should know what to do when you sustain elbow injuries because of repetitive tasks in the workplace.

And the workers’ compensation that you are entitled to receive.

What to Know about Repetitive Elbow Injuries

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Repetitive elbow injuries result from constant use of the elbows, arms, and hands for completing tasks. These injuries result in inflammation or irritation of the elbow area.

The person then experiences numbness, swelling, weakness, tenderness, and pain, among other signs. Such symptoms may radiate to other parts of the arm, hand, and fingers depending on the condition.

What to Do When You Sustain Repetitive Elbow Injury in the Workplace

Repetitive elbow injuries can make it difficult for you to perform regular tasks at work. A severe elbow injury can even render you unable to return to your job.

That’s why you need to get the workers’ compensation you deserve to cover expenses that result from your injury. Here’s how to file for workers’ compensation:

elbow injury

1. First, seek medical consultation with a doctor. Some companies have physicians their employees should consult when necessary. However, other companies allow their workers to consult their doctors.

In either case, you need to know the extent of your injury, the treatment necessary, and how it can affect your job.

2. Next, report your injury to your supervisor. You should do it within 30 days of sustaining the injury to increase your eligibility for compensation. Your supervisor will give you a compensation claim form.

Fill out the form and return it to your supervisor so they can furnish other necessary details.

3. Your employer will submit the form to a workers’ compensation insurance provider. A claim administrator will then check your claim and determine if you are eligible for compensation or not.

4. Continue with your medical treatment while the process goes on. Your employer should cover some costs until a particular limit.

5. Your employer will inform you if your workers’ compensation claim has been approved or not. If it’s approved, you will receive the correct compensation benefits that suit your case.

Workers’ Comp You Can Receive for Repetitive Elbow Injury

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If your compensation claim is approved, you’re entitled to receive one or a few of these benefits:

  • Medical Coverage
  • Temporary Disability Payments
  • Permanent Disability Compensations
  • Supplemental Job Displacement Payments

Talk with a reliable workers’ compensation lawyer for more information about each benefit type. That’s how you can get the compensation you deserve without missing any benefit.

How a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help You


In California, workers can make a compensation claim when they sustain any work-related injuries. However, they can’t sue their employer for benefits when their employers are paying compensation.

However, there are a few instances when they can still file a case in court. Of course, you need to do so by consulting with a professional workers’ compensation attorney.

1. Workers can sue an employer who doesn’t pay the rightful compensation.

2. An employer could be liable when they fail to observe workplace safety protocols. They’re responsible when such negligence causes injuries to their workers too.

3. An injured worker can also sue an insurance company that rejects their compensation claims for questionable reasons.

Consult a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Burbank

Repetitive elbow injury is a serious concern, especially when you’ve sustained it from your job. To help you get the benefits you deserve, talk with a workers’ comp lawyer immediately.

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