Who Is Responsible for an Injury at a Water Park?

injury at a water park

Spending a day in a water park is an excellent choice to have a great time with your family and friends. You’ll enjoy the wave pools, water slides, lazy rivers, and other facilities during your stay.

However, accidents may happen in these places and ruin your enjoyment. For example, one of your family members may sustain injuries from faulty facilities.

Thus, understand your legal rights after a water park accident and who could be liable to pay your deserved injury compensation.

Common Water Park Accidents

Different factors may harm water park guests, but the most common accidents in these properties include:

1. Drowning

waterpark injury

Drowning is a common fatal accident, especially when you:

  • Were drunk while swimming
  • Experienced a medical emergency like seizure or fainting in a pool
  • Miscalculated the water depth

You may safely survive from drowning if somebody rescues you at the right moment. However, the water that enters your body may damage your internal organs and cause medical problems like:

  • Pneumonia
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
  • Brain Edema

2. Slip and Fall

waterpark injury

Wet and slippery surfaces are slip and fall accident risks to guests. For example, the floor near a pool may lead to slipping, falling, and hitting your head on a hard surface.

You may also fall from an elevated point because of facility defects, like falling from the slide stairs because of damaged railings.

3. Faulty Equipment

Equipment problems also commonly cause fatal accidents as guests may fail to use them properly.

For instance, improperly maintained rides may get out of control and cause the passengers to drown or hit hard surfaces. Rides that are inherently difficult to control can also cause accidents.

Who Could Be Liable for a Water Park Accident

It’s vital to determine who is at fault in an injury case to claim compensation from the correct party. However, it could be challenging to determine liability in recreational park accidents as different parties could be responsible, like:

1. Property Owner or Manager

waterpark injury

The property owner or manager is responsible for keeping the entire area safe for the public. Thus you can sue them for premises liability if you sustain injuries because of their irresponsibilities.

For example, they could be liable if you sustain injuries from improperly maintained equipment.

2. Park’s Employees

You can also use an employee if their negligence caused your injuries.

For example, a lifeguard is liable if they didn’t respond to a drowning accident on time. You can also use a ride operator if they fail to guide you while using their equipment.

3. Other Guests

In some situations, guests may also cause harm to others in the area, like when they start a violent altercation. You may take legal action against an unruly guest if their negligent or intentional act causes your injuries.

Be Careful About Waiving Your Rights to Take Legal Action

waterpark injury

You are also responsible for keeping yourself safe in a recreational property. Failure to do so may prevent you from filing a claim, even if you sustain injuries.

For example, you can’t take legal action if you sustain injuries because of the improper use of a piece of equipment.

Consult a Burbank personal injury lawyer to know your legal options in this complex situation.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Burbank for Water Park Injury Case


Water parks are the perfect destinations to enjoy with your loved ones.

However, different factors may trigger accidents in the place and cause injuries. You should thus know how to protect your right in such situations and take action against the correct liable party.

Consulting a Burbank personal injury lawyer helps you file a water park accident case

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