Did You Know That These Workplace Accidents May Warrant a Third-Party Lawsuit?

workplace accidents

Most employees know that their employer offers workers’ compensation for any injuries sustained at the workplace and during work hours.

And as the program doesn’t rely on fault to provide medical coverage, most claims get passed.

However, at the same time does also prevent you from suing your employer when needed, for some workplace issues.

Typical workplace issues are accidents that occur because of a third party’s negligence.

You may then want to be able to file a third-party lawsuit, and in the process, recover other damages.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

auto accident

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, whether you can sue or not depends on the vehicle you are riding.

You have a case if it’s a company vehicle, and some other driver smashes into you after skipping a red light.

You can hold the driver responsible for your accident and all the related pain, suffering, lost wages, and more. Sometimes the driver’s insurance may not cover these expenses.

Don’t worry.

You can always sue the driver if you don’t receive adequate compensation to cover your losses.

Malfunctioned products

Workers in practically all walks of life need to use some equipment to perform their job duties. However, there is always the risk of some of the equipment turning out faulty and injuring you.

If that happens, then you can hold the manufacturer and retailer that sold it, reliable for any damages incurred.

Many reasons lead to product defects.

It could be the result of bad design or some manufacturing problems. It could also be the consequences of some mistakes in the instructions that lead to its wrong usage, or improper warnings for using the product.

For example, faulty wiring can lead to a malfunctioning tool that captures the fire and perhaps burn your hands in the process. You can sue the manufacturer if this happens.

Claim for Toxic Substances

Toxic substances

Sometimes workers are continuously subjected to dangerous substances like asbestos, chemicals, and lead paint in workplace equipment and devices.

This workplace exposure can lead to some health problems and gives you enough reason to file a claim against the substance manufacturer.

You also have a suit if wearing personal protective equipment like a shield doesn’t help protect and prevent you from any harm.

Contractor Negligence

If you work for a company that contracts other service providers, there is the possibility of these contractors creating an unsafe workplace.

They may perhaps leave floors wet after cleaning them and don’t have any warning signs.

These are dangerous conditions that can lead to a slip and fall and consequent injuries.

If this happens, you have the right to sue the company that contracts these service providers. It’s because slips and falls like this can inflict fatal problems like broken bones and even traumatic brain injury on you.

Consult Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Burbank

Work injury

You may sometimes suffer from a workplace accident, and you aren’t sure if your workers’ compensation package will cover your expenses or not.

If this happens, then it’s time to consult your Burbank workers’ composition lawyer for their expert advice.

They will assess your health and the accident conditions to decide if you will receive works compensation or not.

They will also determine if you have a third-party lawsuit.

It’s based on their decision that they guide you to the next steps you have to take to seek your rightful benefits. Remember, whoever may be at fault for your injury, you are the one suffering.

You have the right to pursue a suit if required, to help pay for all your accident-related medical costs and other expenses.

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