Truck Accident Investigations

truck accident investigations
A truck collision will likely lead to devastating injuries, damages, disabilities, and even death because of the vehicle’s enormous mass. Thus, the trucking company will probably try damaging your case to dismiss or reduce your compensation claim.

Moreover, plan an effective strategy to claim your deserved benefits that includes a thorough investigation to prove crucial facts about the accident.

So, this article explains how a truck accident investigation should proceed.

Understanding the Truck Accident Investigation Procedures

truck accident investigations

The purpose of any vehicle crash investigation is to gather facts that can support an accident lawsuit and compensation claim. So, it should prove vital points like:

  • Driving actions of the involved vehicles, like overspeeding or making an illegal u-turn
  • Condition of involved vehicles right before the collision
  • Condition of vehicle drivers, like if they are drunk or not
  • Trailer or cargo condition, like its weight and if it’s attached to the truck properly
  • Road and weather conditions
  • The extent of damages and injuries

Without these facts, the at-fault party can damage your case, which results in low compensation or claims dismissal.

You thus must remember these points for a thorough truck accident investigation:

1. Take Photos and Videos

photos after an accident

Gather intensive photos and videos of the accident scene to preserve actual evidence. The images should show:

  • Your injuries
  • Vehicle damages
  • The road condition, like if its wet because of rain
  • Wheel skid marks on the road

However, ask a person you trust to take the photos and videos if your injuries prevent you from moving.

2. Seek Immediate Medical Help

Get an immediate medical evaluation after the accident.

Furthermore, it helps you receive appropriate treatment immediately and prove you sustain injuries. It also lets you collect medical evidence like:

  • Medical reports
  • Treatment prescriptions
  • Medical bills

3. Hire a Car Accident Attorney Immediately


It’s crucial to immediately call a Burbank auto accident lawyer so they can start the investigation process soon enough. They will personally visit the accident scene and gather more evidence that could support your case.

Also, give your legal representative copies of the evidence you have collected, like the accident photos and videos and your medical documents. They will help them investigate the accident efficiently, as they already have initial facts from you.

4. Accident Scene Documentation

While the photos and videos you initially collected are helpful, your attorney will gather more upon visiting the accident site. However, this intensive documentation will provide better support for your case.

5. Truck Examination

truck accident investigations

Your legal counsel will also closely examine the truck for factors like:

  • Damages sustained
  • Maintenance and safety violations
  • Trailer or cargo weight
  • Truck’s black box analysis

So, your lawyer wants to verify the truck’s condition to see if it satisfies legal requirements like the load weight limit.

6. Check the Truck Driver and the Trucking Company

The lawyer will next check the truck’s driver and their company.

It is to verify legal compliance, like if the driver was intoxicated while driving or not. They will also check if the company has met sufficient legal requirements like:

  • Trucking licenses
  • Business permits
  • Insurance

7. Collect Witness Statements

truck accident investigations

An attorney will gather statements from people who have witnessed the accidents, like passersby and first responders in the area.

Moreover, your legal representative will get expert witness statements to support your case by contacting specialists like:

  • Crash reconstruction expert
  • Physician
  • Black box specialist
  • Auto mechanics

Consult an Auto Accident Attorney in Burbank for a Truck Collision Case

A thorough investigation is crucial for winning a truck accident case. So, ensure that the investigation procedure follows the steps above to collect vital accident facts.

However, working with a Burbank auto accident lawyer will help you with the truck accident investigation and support your case in court.

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