Virtual Car Keys-Just a Distraction for Car Drivers?

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Have you heard about virtual car keys?

If not, they are keys with which you use your smartphone to open your car door and start the engine. You can also use it for shared access to the car with multiple people.

Hearing these features may make you excited and want them too.

However, the question is if virtual car keys are safe to use, or is it just another distraction while driving?

It’s vital to answer this question to check if a vehicle with a virtual car key fits you. So, read on to know more about this advanced automotive feature.

What Are Virtual Car Keys?

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The virtual car key is an innovative technology from Apple that makes physical keys unnecessary for certain vehicles. You only need to set up a digital key in your iPhone or Apple Watch through a car-connected app.

The digital key allows you to lock and unlock the car doors by holding your iPhone near the door handle. And you can also start the engine by placing your device in the car’s smartphone tray.

Moreover, you can share the digital key for a particular car with up to five devices. This feature is helpful for families or companies that share a vehicle.

With these features, it’s easy to know this technology’s advantages, like:

  • You don’t need to carry a physical key that is easy to lose. With virtual car keys, you only need your smartphone, so there’s no worry of losing or forgetting keys.
  • This technology also has security features where other people cannot easily steal and drive away with your car. You will have to use a password or facial recognition system to lock your device.
  • Digital key sharing is perfect if you want to allow other people to use your car. You don’t need to hand over a physical key and get it back afterward, as you can share the digital key to a compatible device.

Issues With Virtual Car Keys

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Virtual car keys offer excellent perks, but they also have disadvantages that make their use questionable, like:

1. Increase the Risks of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a common cause of car accidents, so drivers should avoid distractions when behind the wheels.

The problem is that with virtual car keys, you have to place your iPhone in the car dashboard’s phone tray. The device could offer distractions, like notifications or phone calls, which can lead to a car crash.

Consulting a Burbank auto accident attorney helps if you were involved in a car crash because of distracted driving.

2. Cyber Security Issues

Another significant disadvantage of virtual keys is the possibility of a hacker hacking and stealing your digital key and your car.

However, you can avoid unauthorized access to your digital key by being careful about who you share your car key with. Only give access to people you trust.

3. Damaged or Lost Device

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It’s a problem if the iPhone that contains your digital key gets damaged or lost. After all, it’s necessary to unlock the car doors and start the engine.

However, you can suspend a digital key from a lost or stolen device. You can then connect with the car manufacturer for a new key in another compatible device.

Get an Auto Accident Lawyer in Burbank for Your Car Accident Case

Virtual car keys are definitely convenient and advantageous for drivers. However, they also have drawbacks that could cause problems.

You should thus carefully examine the pros and cons of this technology to see if it fits you and your lifestyle. And always call a Burbank auto accident attorney if this technology is the cause of a car crash.

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