What Do I Do If an Insurance Company Denies My Burbank Personal Injury Claim?

Did you or your loved one get involved in an accident? Have you filed a Burbank personal injury claim, which ended in a denial?
If yes, don’t lose hope.
There are a few things you can do to get back on track and file an appeal to get the benefits you deserve.

California Personal Injury Laws

You must first know that according to California personal injury laws, you can recover injuries for any losses, injuries, or damages incurred anywhere.
It may include injuries through a motor vehicle, railroad, bicycle, and even pedestrian accidents.
You can also file claims for injuries because of premises liability like slip and fall accidents, and because of defective products like poor medical equipment.
So if you suffer from any of these accidents, the first thing you need to do is to file for compensation with the other party’s insurance company.
You should file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company if you get involved in a motor vehicle accident. The insurance company will then assign a claims adjuster to handle your case.
It is eventually the claims adjuster who decides whether the insurance company should pay for, or deny your claim.

Possible Reasons for Denying Your Personal Injury Claims

As mentioned above, the insurance company’s claims adjuster has to review each injury claim carefully. It is their job to ascertain if there is a valid reason to deny the request.
It’s an important phase in the claims process because insurance companies are always looking to make money. Paying insurance claims is contradictory to their making money principles.
So it’s normal that their adjuster will look for any valid reason to deny your claims. Some valid reasons they may use include:

  • The driver’s policy does not provide coverage for that particular accident.
  • The driver’s policy has lapsed.
  • Your injuries are not a consequence of the accident.
  • You can’t and didn’t prove that the insured caused the accident.
  • The policy doesn’t cover the accident location.
  • The insurance policy doesn’t cover the person who had caused the accident.

Don’t Worry About Any Insurance Claim Denial.

You can still pursue a claim against the person who had caused the accident and their insurance company.
You need the help of a personal injury attorney in Burbank to help you out.


Well, they have the expertise to determine if the denial was made based on a valid reason or not. They will go through your policy and the case facts and find out if the denial was established as a breach of contract or in bad faith.
The claim adjuster generally denies a case and works at cornering and convincing you to drop your case. You don’t have to fall prey to their tactic with your attorney by your side!

Look for Explanations

You have the right to ask the claim adjuster for an explanation for denying your claim. You can even ask them to give a copy of the relevant part of the insurance policy that ‘supports’ the denial.
Don’t waste time if the claim adjuster doesn’t or refuses to provide a written explanation of the denial. Call your personal injury attorney in Burbank immediately.
You don’t even have to worry if the claim adjuster tells you that the insurance company’s attorneys have denied the claim. It’s not the end of your claim journey.
Remember, it’s the insurance company’s attorney’s opinion towards your case, which may not be accurate. You need to hire a Burbank personal injury lawyer to look at your situation and provide an unbiased opinion.
It’s their job to ensure you are not being misled or misinterpreted.

File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

It’s time to file a personal injury lawsuit if the insurance company doesn’t respond to your claim or request an explanation for the claim denial.
The problem, however, is that you cannot take too much time for this. You risk losing the right to receive any compensation if you don’t file the lawsuit within its deadline.
So the best thing to do if an insurance company rejects your injury claim is to hire a Burbank personal injury lawyer. They will look at your files and documents, and provide you with a solution that’s to the best of your interests.

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