What Do I Do If My Auto Accident Injuries Do Not Show Up Immediately?

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It’s not always an auto accident that results in a blood bath.
Crashes like a rear-end collision can leave you with just a smashed taillight and no severe injuries.
You may feel some neck strain, but you think it’s nothing of concern.
However, this is where you may be wrong.
Many a time, vehicle accident injuries are not immediately apparent. There is always the chance of symptoms revealing themselves later as delayed car accident injuries.

What Are the Common Injuries That Manifest Days or Weeks After a Car Accident?

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Even in minor car accidents, the most common injury that may show up later is a soft tissue injury. Your body muscles, ligaments, and tendons are all soft tissue, and any injury to these tissues does not involve the bone.
Examples of possible soft tissue damage that manifest after an auto accident include whiplash, concussions, back, neck, stomach, or shoulder pain.
Other common injuries include numbness or tingling in feet or hands, personality changes, depression, and PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder).

How Long Later Do Car Accident Injuries Appear?

It all depends on the injury and may appear anywhere between a few days or weeks later. You must consult your doctor if you notice physical, mental, or emotional symptoms after an accident.

How to Determine If You Are Okay After an Auto Accident?

It isn’t easy determining if you are okay after a car wreck or not. Soft tissue injuries don’t appear on an x-ray, making it even more difficult for doctors to diagnose and document appropriately.
That’s why you should not neglect these injuries. Consult a medical professional if you get involved in a car wreck, whether injuries are visible or not. Your doctor will confirm your health and may identify issues that may crop up later.

How Much Time Do I Have to Get Examined After an Accident?

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The sooner you seek medical treatment, the better it is for you, especially if you want to make claims. Your or the other driver’s insurance company may maintain that you could wait for days or weeks because you weren’t hurt badly.
Each state has its’ statute of limitations to file your auto accident claim. It is two years after the accident date in the case of California.
There is a chance an insurance company representative will try to contact you after the accident.
They will try to get you to agree to a settlement.
Do not make the mistake of settling until your doctor has thoroughly examined you. And until you consult your Burbank auto accident attorney.
You can’t request the insurance company pay for additional medical treatments if you develop some injuries after accepting a settlement.
Wait till your doctor says you have reached ‘maximum medical improvement,’ the point where you won’t recover more from the injuries sustained.
You will, by then, get an idea of your future medical treatment costs.

Why Do You Need an Auto Accident Lawyer in Burbank?

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It’s frustrating and complicated trying to recover your legally entitled damages on your own after an accident. It is because it isn’t something you do every day.
However, lawyers file claims every day and know all the pressure points to target and loopholes to avoid. Your or the other driver’s insurance company will do their best to pay you nothing or minimally.
An experienced Burbank auto accident lawyer will be able to fight your case and ensure you receive your rightfully deserved compensation. Even in cases where your injuries do not immediately show up after the car wreck.

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