What to Do If the SSA Terminates Your Social Security Disability Benefits


Only a disabled person knows how distressing it is not to be able to work. The good news is that monthly benefits provide some respite. And the help and guidance of vocational experts, medical providers, and social security benefits lawyers improve the chances of a successful claim.

What Are Social Security Disability Benefits?

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A person who cannot work because of a medical condition qualifies for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). While there is a long and stressful application process, payments start once the application is approved. Some people even receive back pay for benefits they should have received when their claim was under consideration.

1. How Vocational Experts Help

An essential SSDI eligibility requirement is proof that you can’t work because of a disability. And this is where a vocational expert serves as an expert witness at your claim hearings.
They help by providing updated information about the current job market and in indicating:

  • The job skills you have
  • If you can resume your previous job duties
  • How your medical condition will disqualify you from some job types
  • If your job skills qualify you for a different job

Their testimony provides the Appeals Council members, administrative law judges, and federal judges vital information to decide your claim.

2. The Role of Medical Providers


The SSA needs x-rays, lab tests, and other diagnostic tests as evidence to prove your disability and approve your claim. Medical providers like doctors, therapists, technicians provide them, along with some critical evidence. This vital evidence helps the SSA in approving your disability claim.

3. Proper Legal Support Through Your Disability Lawyer

The proper legal support will stand by you through the claim process. Auto accident attorneys aren’t the right people to help.
Instead, hire a Burbank social security benefits lawyer to help you with your case. They have the required training and knowledge to represent clients like you with your disability claims.
Besides, they also know how the system works.
You need them even more because it’s not enough just to start receiving benefits.

What to Do If Your Benefits Are Terminated

There is always the possibility of the SSA terminating your benefits after a review later on.
It’s because the SSA periodically conducts reviews of disability claims to confirm eligibility. So there’s a chance of some people ending up with their disability benefits terminated.

Possible Causes for Termination

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During a review, the Social Security checks to see if you are still disabled and working. They may terminate your benefits if:

  • Your medical condition has improved where you no longer meet Social Security’s disability requirements.
  • The SSA considers you work at a substantial gainful activity level. It’s $1,260 per month for disabled people, while the blind may earn up to $2,110 per month.

What to Do If Your Benefits Terminate

While you may give up making claims upon receiving a termination letter, it is better not to. You can appeal a termination of benefits with the help of your lawyer.
So, you will have to show your termination letter to your experienced social security benefits attorney in Burbank. They will then start the appeals process till the SSA reinstates your benefits or your appeals exhaust.

The Appeal Process


There is a four-stage appeal process comprising of:

  1. Appealing a request to reconsider your disability benefits.
  2. Requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge if denied.
  3. Asking for an Appeals Council review
  4. Filing a lawsuit in a federal court asking for a review of your terminated disability benefits

In short, you need a social security benefits lawyer through the claim process, and even after you start receiving benefits. They help you to start receiving your compensation and to help if the SSA denies your claims.

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