What Should I Do After a Work Injury in Burbank?

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Did you get involved in an accident while heading to a client’s office? Do you know this is a work injury you can file for compensation? Yes, you can claim compensation from the third party as the accident occurred while on official duty.

But you most probably don’t know what to do. Well, here’s a list of the things you should do after your work injury in Burbank.

1. Report the work injury to a colleague

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The accident occurred while heading to a client’s office. So make sure your colleagues know about it. They can at least vouch for your accident occurring while on duty.

You also do your good by alerting your co-workers and preventing possible injuries. They needn’t suffer the same type of accident and injuries you had suffered.

2. Report and inform your employer about the injury

Each company has its guidelines about reporting injuries. So make sure you check with your employer or human resources about the right procedure to adopt.

Besides Workers’ Compensation Law in California requires that you report the injury within 30 days of the damage. However, there are unique situations where you can file a claim a maximum of one year from the date of injury.

Examples are if you end up in a coma or suffer from repetitive strain and find out later it’s work-related.

3. Get treated after the work accident

medical treatment

While cuts and bruises quickly heal, other significant injuries need more healing time. It would help if you get medical care and treatment for the injury.

Not only does your treatment ascertain the extent of the injury, but it also documents the injury. You never know when other documents get lost. You may also end up with no witnesses, or employees denying the accident happened at all.

4. Update the accident book with job injury details

All organizations have an accident book. Most of them like bragging about not having any accidents at work. However, you have to record your accident in the record book if you get involved in one.

Make sure you write about the accident to your employer if your employer refuses to document it. It proves and leaves a paper trail showing that you had at least tried reporting the case.

5. Take photos and videos of your job injury

It would help if you took pictures and a video to file your compensation claim for the injuries sustained in the accident. Your phone is more than enough to take pictures and videos of the accident spot.

You will never have too much evidence. Record anything that seems awkward but interesting. You anyway won’t be criticized for taking multiple pictures and videos of the accident spot. It’s, in fact, the smartest thing you can do.

filing forms for Work Compensation Benefits

6. Record all your symptoms after the job injury

Keep updated with all your signs on a Smartphone, paper, or computer. Not all doctors and nurses record everything about an injury. Besides, you may also forget essential details with time. Recording everything you remember in a diary, or recording footage of your discussing symptoms proves useful while making claims.

7. Maintain a record of expenses and losses suffered after your job injury

Personal injury claims for work accidents can last for years. That is why you need to maintain a record of all your medical costs and losses incurred because of the injury. You can then claim all the money lost and expenses committed over the years.

8. Consult with an experienced workers compensation attorney

Lawyer at work in Burbank

There are so many forms to fill out while making a workers’ compensation claim. You most likely will even end up confused about what to write. An experienced Burbank work compensation attorney can help you.

Instead of filling forms wrongly, first clear all your doubts and then properly fill them.
It’s always better to hire the best Burbank Workers’ Compensation Attorney to represent any case, even the rejected ones.

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