What Happens If I Get Caught Working While on Workers’ Compensation?

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A work-related injury is any injury that occurs while performing your job duties. It may be carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, or a fracture after slipping and falling.
You naturally claim your workers’ compensation to pay for your medical bills and lost wages. And the benefits end once you recover from your injury and return to work.
The problem, however, is that some injuries take longer to heal, and some need a shorter time.
And there are also instances where you may not recover quickly but can or may want to return to work.
In this case, your doctor may permit you to work on a part-time basis.
Or your employer may let you work on easy tasks while under a doctor’s care.
This is when you wonder what happens if you return to work while on workers’ compensation.

What Happens If I Return to Work While Receiving Workers’ Comp Benefits?

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You worry mainly because you will still have to pay for medicine and treatment. So you naturally will want to collect workers’ compensation benefits still.
Well, the answer is yes.
It’s possible to collect your benefits and work, but only under certain conditions. You risk losing your benefits if you aren’t aware of these rules and conditions.

About Performing Minute Tasks While on Workers’ Comp

Your physician may permit you to return to work. However, there most probably will be some limitations like restricted physical activity. In this case, your employer may arrange to work with limitations on your current job or find another job for you.
It, in turn, reduces their workers’ comp insurance payout. And if this happens, you have no option but to work or risk revoking your benefits.
Yes, your employer will pay less than normal when on light duty. However, you can at least supplement it with your workers’ compensation checks.

Experimenting About Returning to Work

There’s another option available, trying out if you can work.
In this case, you will first have to return to your job and work for about nine months.
It’s after this that you and your doctor decide if you are fit enough to resume work. You will resume working if the experiment is successful, and if not, your entire workers’ comp benefits immediately continue.
However, you have the right to oppose the opinion provided by your employer’s network physician. And this is best done with the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Burbank. They will help determine the best approach for you to return to work.

Can I Switch Jobs While on a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

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You may consider switching jobs while on workers’ compensation. While you can, it’s better first to discuss your plans with your doctor.
They have first to attest that you are fit enough for the new job.
And that it won’t affect or worsen your condition.
Also, remember that you receive benefits because of your work-related injury or disease. So you also have to inform the insurance provider paying your benefits about your idea of switching jobs. You also have to disclose your new salary.
The benefits you receive depend on the injury and its required treatment costs, and your lost wages. The good news is some benefits are portable while changing jobs.
However, in your interests, always discuss with your Burbank workers comp lawyer before accepting the new job offer.

Collecting Workers Compensation While Working at Another Job

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You usually receive about 66% of your prior lost wages as workers’ compensation benefits. As it’s not always enough, you may need another job to earn more while on workers’ comp.
However, this will only damage your workers’ compensation claim.
You are fit enough to work another job, which is enough reason for the workers’ comp insurer to pay less. They can also state that you aren’t disabled and can work, and so don’t need your workers’ comp benefits anymore.
However, if you had two jobs before the injury, you must report how much you earn. You end up jeopardizing your benefits if you don’t disclose all your income sources while collecting workers’ comp benefits.
With so much involved about workers’ compensation benefits, a Burbank worker compensation attorney proves helpful in guiding you through the process.

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