What Happens After a Teenager Auto Accident

teenager auto accident

Did you know that only 55% of high school students were reported to wear seatbelts while driving in 2013?

So it’s not surprising that every day seven teens aged 13-19 die due to motor crashes, and hundreds get injured.

While cars and teens could be a deadly combination, many teens do not refrain from driving cars. No matter how responsible your teenager is, the risk of a car accident is higher for them. And this question is likely to cross your mind several times:

What Happens After a Teenage Auto Accident?

The thought of your child getting involved in a car accident is very scary. But teen driver accidents are a harsh reality, and it is better to be mentally prepared for it.

Is Teenage Driving Legapel in Burbank?

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Yes, teenagers aged 15 ½ years can apply for a provisional permit. However, they have to abide by the Graduated Drivers License (GDL) program provisions.

California is one of the states to follow this program for licensing new teen drivers. It is a step-by-step approach where teens are given select privileges till they drive without restrictions.

It was introduced because teens tend to grow in maturity and experience when imposed with restrictions. So, the restrictions will help reduce teenage auto accidents.

The Step-by-Step Approach Comprises of:

auto accident

  1.  Practicing driving with a licensed Californian driver aged 25 or older, holding a valid California driver’s license. The driver should sit near enough to be able to take immediate control of the vehicle if necessary.
  2. Teenagers are not at all allowed to drive alone, even to the DMV, for their driving test.

After practicing for 50 hours and a minimum of six months, they receive a provisional license at 16. The provisional license has further restrictions limiting how and when teens drive in the first year of driving.

a) Teens cannot use cell phones in any capacity while driving, including hands-free technology. The only exception is using the phone to contact emergency services.

b) Teen drivers cannot transport passengers, including friends, cousins, and siblings under 20. The only exception is if accompanied by an adult over 25 holding a valid driver’s license.

c) They cannot drive between 11 pm, and 5 am for the first twelve months. There, however, are exceptions like:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Absence of other available reliable transportation
  • For employment reasons

The teen, however, should have a valid note from a medical professional, legal guardian, or employer for all the cases.

All the restrictions are finally lifted after 12 months, wherein the teenager may legally drive freely.

What Happens After a Teenage Auto Accident?


Teenagers need to know what they should do after a teenage auto accident, like seeking medical, legal, and insurance assistance. Creating this car accident checklist to follow if they ever get involved in an auto accident proves helpful:

  • Getting immediate medical assistance, no matter if they are injured or not
  • Documenting evidence by taking photos with a handy device like a mobile or camera (if available)
  • Taking note of the accident date, time, place, weather, and traffic conditions
  • The note of the damage incurred to the vehicle and any injuries that occur to anyone
  • Taking down the other driver’s contact and vehicle information no matter if they admit fault or not

How May an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney in Burbank Help?

As a parent, you must protect your teenager’s rights by proving that their driving was not at fault. It’s especially required when the other driver was at fault.

It is not easy proving innocence on your own. So, you need an auto accident lawyer’s experience and knowledge to fight for your rightfully deserved compensation. By hiring a Burbank car accident attorney, you protect your child’s right to drive and save on financial liabilities.

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