What Mistakes Should I Avoid While Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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It doesn’t matter whether an auto accident was your mistake or not, hiring a personal injury lawyer to file a claim is a must. However, there are a few mistakes you MUST avoid during the lawyer’s hiring process.

Take a look at them, and make sure you don’t make them if you are involved in an accident, and need a lawyer.

1. Giving the insurance company a recorded statement

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You can give your insurance company a recorded statement if you are claiming medical payment benefits or uninsured coverage. However, it’s better to not give any recorded statements to the other driver’s insurance company.

Here’s why:

  • You are mistaken if you think that a little exaggeration will help your claim. Remember, your credibility is essential for your case.

So anything that’s not even related to your case may make it look that you tend to exaggerate.

  • You may volunteer too much information by answering the question asked. In turn, it leads to further questions that open up potential areas of inquiry that may hurt your case.
  • You may not disclose your prior accidents or injuries. This mistake can hurt your credibility because insurance companies will eventually learn about it.

It’s because they generally carry out extensive background checks for each case. They will gain access to any past claims history you have.

  • You may guess or assume things incorrectly, and often when it’s not required. Never guess what you aren’t sure or know about.
  • Accidents happen in a matter of seconds.

You don’t have much time to react, and you may give exaggerated statements while making recordings, which can hurt your case.

It’s challenging to guess time, speed, and distances accurately, and insurance companies know this. They will try to trap you and devalue your claim based on your exaggerated statements.

2. No medical follow-up


There’s no doubt that you have other work.

However, putting off your doctor’s appointment will hurt your claim. So make sure you follow your doctor’s advice and are prompt at attending appointments.

3. Posting accident or injury details on social media

Never do this. It only gives the defense lawyer or adjuster something to nitpick about.

4. Turning to the wrong person for treatment

You may have to be examined by a doctor the insurance company chooses, but aren’t required to get treated by them. However, do consult your primary care doctor. They will order the appropriate tests and make proper referrals as per your injuries.

5. Inaccurate or incomplete descriptions

While you shouldn’t exaggerate, it’s important that you accurately describe your injuries. Do disclose any prior injuries you had to your doctor. It’s essential because of any opinion they give with inaccurate facts renders their opinion worthless.

6. Settling too quickly


Don’t opt for a quick cash settlement.

Your injuries may take a few weeks or months to develop, and to heal, which in turn leads to more bills and expenses. A quick settlement, before your wounds heal, will not cover all your lost wages and expenses.

7. Not knowing that you will have to pay back any insurance paid for medical bills or disability out of the settlement

The settlement you receive is to help cover your lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses.

It’s better to wait until your injuries completely heal so that you know how much to claim. Let your Burbank attorney take their time, or even take your case to court. While it takes time, you will end up appropriately compensated for your injuries.

So these are the seven common mistakes people make while making personal injury claims. Since you know them, they can be avoided while you hire your Burbank personal injury lawyer, for your auto accident claims.

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